Safety Instructions; Extension Cables; Using Your Appliance; Inspection And Repairs - Black & Decker Strimmer GL651 Instruction Manual

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Intended use

Your Black & Decker Strimmer
and finishing lawn edges and to cut grass in confined spaces.
This tool is intended for consumer use only.

Safety instructions

Warning! When using mains-powered appliances, basic
safety precautions, including the following, should always
be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and
personal injury.
Read all of this manual carefully before operating the
Before operating the appliance, make sure that you know
how to switch it off in an emergency.
The intended use is described in this manual. The use of
any accessory or attachment or performance of any operation
with this appliance other than those recommended in this
instruction manual may present a risk of personal injury.
Retain this manual for future reference.
Work area
Do not expose the appliance to rain. Do not use the
appliance in damp or wet conditions.
Only use the appliance in daylight or good artificial light.
Personal protection
Wear stout shoes or boots to protect your feet. Do not
operate the appliance wearing open-toed sandals or when
Wear long trousers to protect your legs.
Guard against electric shock
Prevent body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces
(e.g. pipes, radiators, cookers and refrigerators). Electric
safety can be further improved by using a high-sensitivity
(30 mA / 30 mS) residual current device (RCD).

Extension cables

Before use, inspect the cable for signs of damage, wear
and ageing. Replace the extension cable if damaged or
Up to 30 m of Black & Decker extension cable can be
used without loss of power.
Always use an approved extension cable suitable for the
power input of this tool (see rating plate). The extension
cable must be suitable for outdoor use and not lighter than
H05RR-F, H05RN-F or H05VV-F with conductor size not
less than 1 mm2.
When using a cable reel, always unwind the cable
Take care to keep the cable away from the cutting line.
Always be aware of the position of the cable.
has been designed for trimming

Using your appliance

Be sure that the appliance is switched off when plugging in.
Stay alert. Watch what you are doing. Use common sense.
Do not operate the appliance when you are tired.
If the appliance begins to vibrate abnormally, switch it off
and remove the plug from the socket. Allow rotating parts
to stop and inspect the appliance for damage and loose
Never pull the cord to disconnect the plug from the socket.
Keep the cord away from heat, oil and sharp edges.
If the mains cable is damaged during use, switch the
appliance off and disconnect the plug from the mains
immediately. Do not touch the mains cable before
disconnecting from the mains.
Safety of others
Do not allow children or any person unfamiliar with these
instructions to operate the appliance.
Do not allow children, visitors or animals to come near the
work area or to touch the appliance or mains cable.
Remember that the operator may be held responsible for
accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their
After use
Switch off, remove the plug from the socket and ensure
that moving parts have stopped rotating before leaving the
appliance unattended and before changing, cleaning or
inspecting any parts of the appliance.
When not in use, the appliance should be stored in a dry
place. Children should not have access to stored appliances.

Inspection and repairs

Before use, check the appliance for damaged or defective
parts. Check for misalignment and seizure of moving
parts, breakage of parts, damage to guards and switches
and any other conditions that may affect its operation.
Do not use the appliance if any part is damaged or
defective. Do not use the appliance if the switch does not
turn it on and off.
Never use the appliance when any guard or enclosure is
damaged or not in place.
Ensure that the appliance will operate properly and
perform its intended function.
Have any damaged or defective parts repaired or replaced
by an authorised repair agent.
Before use, check the mains cable for signs of damage,
ageing and wear.
Do not use the appliance if the mains cable is damaged or
If the mains cable is damaged or defective it must be
repaired by an authorised repair agent to avoid a hazard.

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Table of Contents