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Checking Product Temperature; Normal Operating Sounds - U-Line U-1075WCS-00 Service Manual

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Checking Product Temperature

To check the actual product temperature in the unit.
1. Partially fill a plastic (nonbreakable) bottle with water.
2. Insert an accurate thermometer.
3. Tighten the bottle cap securely.
4. Place the bottle in the desired area for 24 hours.
5. Avoid opening the unit during the testing period.
6. After 24 hours, check the temperature of the water. If required,
adjust the temperature control in a small increment (See
Causes which affect the internal temperatures of the
cabinet include:
• Temperature setting.
• Ambient temperature where installed.
• Installation in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
• The number of door openings and the time the door is open.
• The time the internal light is illuminated. (This mainly affects
product on the top rack or shelf.)
• The front grille or condenser are obstructed.

Normal Operating Sounds

All models incorporate rigid foam insulated cabinets to provide high
thermal efficiency and maximum sound reduction for its internal
working components. Despite this technology, your model may make
sounds that are unfamiliar.
Normal operating sounds may be more noticeable because of the
unit's environment. Hard surfaces such as cabinets, wood, vinyl or
tiled floors and paneled walls have a tendency to reflect normal
appliance operating noises.
Listed below are common refrigeration components with brief
description of the normal operating sounds they make. NOTE: Your
product may not contain all the components listed.
• Compressor: The compressor makes a hum or pulsing sound that
may be heard when it operates.
• Evaporator: Refrigerant flowing through an evaporator may sound
like boiling liquid.
• Condenser Fan: Air moving through a condenser may be heard.
• Automatic Defrost Drain Pan: Water may be heard dripping or
running into the drain pan when the unit is in the defrost cycle.
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