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ESAB 350mpi Instruction Manual: Overview Of Error Codes And Programs Updates

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High input voltage. Over 264 VAC in 230
mode, over 529 VAC in 460 mode, and over 661 VAC
for 575.
Low input voltage. The low line is 161 VAC
for 230, 322 VAC for 460 and 403 VAC for 575.
ERR 3: Over-voltage at the output. If the output
voltage exceeds 80V, the machine will shut off the
contactor. This was implemented to prevent a
snubber failure from causing a dangerous voltage to
appear at the output terminals.
ERR 4: Over temperature. One of the thermal
switches has opened.
ERR 5: Over current in single-phase operation. In
MIG welding, if an operator draws more than 250
amps for more than 5 seconds, this error will occur.
In STICK or TIG modes, the machine will display this
error if the control pot is turned up above 250 amps in
single phase.
Extended secondary short circuit. The
machine will allow a full short circuit condition
(secondary current of more than 500 amps) to exist
for 320 milliseconds before this error occurs.
ERR 7: Primary Over-current. This may indicate a
failure of an output diode, the Hall Effect current
sensor or a magnetic short to chassis.
Program Updates
The current program is "PRG 1.04". The program has
undergone 2 changes. The first was to reduce the
low-line voltage referred to in "ERR 2". The reason for
this was that the MIG35 wire feeder was causing the
machine to shut off due to its heavy draw on the
control transformer. This heavy load caused the
control voltages to sag, which resulted in the error
message, even though acceptable line voltages were
present on the primary. By adjusting for this sag in
control voltage, the machine will now operate over its
entire intended range.
The second modification was to the handling of short
circuit time. The original short circuiting time allowed
was 160 milliseconds. The short circuit time allowed
was increased to 320 milliseconds and the handling
of this timer in the program was improved.
Control Board Modifications
The MIG contactor circuits were modified to decrease
holding time after trigger release to correct cases
where the increased time was causing minor "burn-
back" problems.
The output capability of the machine was modified to
handle a 12 volt, 60 amp short arc aluminum MIG
welding condition. Before the modification, this low
power condition was not stable.


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