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Conseils Utiles; Maintenance And Cleaning; Technical Data - Black & Decker JE500 Manual


Table of Contents

Conseils utiles

• Wash the fruit carefully before stoning.
• Use fresh fruit and vegetables, as they
contain more juice. Pineapples, celery
stalks, apples, cucumbers, carrots,
spinach, melons, tomatoes, oranges and
grapes are particularly suitable for
processing in the juice extractor.
• You do not need to remove the peels or
skins. You only need to peel fruit with
thick skin: citrus fruit, pineapple (remove
the centre stalk).
• Fruits that contain starch, such as
bananas, papayas, avocados, figs,
strawberries and mangoes are not
suitable for processing in the juice
extractor. Use a food processor, blender
or stick blender to process these fruits.
• The juicer is not suitable for processing
very hard and/or fibrous/starchy fruits or
vegetables such as sugar cane.
• Choose fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables,
they will yield more juice.
• Drink the juice immediately after you
have extracted it. If it is exposed to air
for some time, the juice will lose its taste
and nutritional value.
• To extract the maximum amount of juice,
always press the pusher down slowly.
Maintenance & cleaning
• Switch the appliance off, remove the
plug from the wall socket and wait until
the rotary sieve has stopped rotating
before cleaning, changing accessories or
approaching parts that move during use.
• The appliance is easier to clean if you do
so immediately after use.
• Do not use abrasive cleaning agents,
scourers, acetone, alcohol etc. to clean
the appliance.
• All detachable parts are dishwasher-safe.
• Place the detachable plastic parts on the
top tray of the dishwasher. Make sure
they are placed well away from the
heating element.
• Clean these parts with a cleaning brush
in warm water with some washing-up
liquid and rinse them under the tap.
• Remove the dirty parts from the motor
unit. Disassemble the appliance in the
following order:
- Remove the pulp container,
- Remove the pusher,
- Open the clamp & remove the lid,
- Remove the juice collector together
with the rotary sieve.
• Clean the motor base with a damp cloth.
• Never immerse the motor unit in water
nor rinse it under the tap.

Technical Data

Power consumption
220 - 240 Volts
50 Hz
500 W
3.4 Kg

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents