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To Test - AEG BS 35 Operation And Installation Instructions Manual

Shower water heater
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1. Installation instructions
1.1 Description of the unit
The AEG BS pressureless (open) small
instantaneous water heater is a device for
heating water for shower. The electrical-
power is electronically controlled. The flow
is controlled by using the water valve (C).
The unit switches the power on once the
flow volume reach 1.5-2 l/min.
The "Power" light (A) indicates that the unit
is switched on. If the temperature
adjustment rotary (B) switch is turned to
the left, it is possible to take a cold shower
(the heating will not be switched on).
The BS is fitted with an overheating
protection device. In the event of overheating
the heating power will be cut off.
1.2 The essentials-in brief (Fig. 1)
A "Power" light
B Rotary control for temperature
C Water valve
D Shower accessories
1.3 Important information
The unit must not be put
under pressure. The outlet of
the unit is also used as a vent. A periodical
scale removal is essential for the function
of the shower head.
The unit is optional equipped
with an ELSD (Type BS...E only).
It is recommended to test the ELSD one
time per month.
How to test:
Switch on the electrical supply. Press the
Test button, the Trip light will go on.
Press the Reset button.
for the qualitified installer
If the Trip light activate after
reset or if the light activate during shower,
never try to fix it. Contact your dealer for
a check and repair.
1.4 Care and Maintenance
All that is needed for cleaning is a damp
cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning
agents or agents containing solvents.
Maintenance work may only be
carried out by a qualified installer.
1.5 Hot water capacity
The hot water capacity depends on the
power of the unit, the cold water tempera-
ture, and the flow volume

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