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Exhaust Requirements - Whirlpool 8535841 Installation Instructions Manual

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Exhaust requirements

Fire Hazard
Use a heavy metal vent.
Do not use a plastic vent.
Do not use a metal foil vent.
Failure to follow these instructions
can result in death or fire.
• Do Not use non-metal flexible vent,
or exhaust hoods with magnetic
• Do Not exhaust dryer into any gas
vent, chimney, furnace, cold air vent,
wall, ceiling, concealed space of a
building, attic or crawl space, or any
other vent used for venting.
• Do Not install flexible vent in
enclosed walls, ceilings or floors.
Important: Observe all governing
codes and ordinances.
Exhaust your dryer to the outside.
Moisture and lint indoors may cause:
• Lint to gather around the dryer where
it can be fuel for a fire.
• Moisture damage to woodwork,
furniture, paint, wallpaper, carpet, etc.
• Housecleaning problems and health
Dura Safe™ venting products are
recommended and are available
from your dealer.
Four-inch diameter vent must be
Use a heavy metal vent. Do Not use
plastic or metal foil vent.
Rigid metal vent is recommended to
prevent crushing and kinking.
Flexible metal vent must be fully
extended and supported when the
dryer is in its final position. Remove
excess flexible vent to avoid sagging
and kinking that may result in reduced
air flow.
An exhaust hood should cap the
exhaust vent to prevent rodents and
insects from entering the home.
Exhaust outlet hood
must be at least 12
inches from the ground
or any object that may
be in the path of the
exhaust (such as
flowers, rocks or
bushes, etc.).
If using an existing exhaust system,
clean lint from entire length of
system and make sure exhaust
hood is not plugged with lint.
Replace any vinyl or metallized plastic
foil vent with rigid metal or flexible
metal vent.
Use clamps to seal all joints. Do Not
use duct tape, screws or other
fastening devices that extend into the
interior of the vent to
secure vent.
Service check: Back pressure in any
exhaust system used must not exceed
0.6 inches in water column measured
with an incline manometer at the point
that exhaust vent connects to dryer.
Mobile home installation
If codes permit, this dryer is suitable
for mobile home installations. The
installation of the dryer must conform
to the U.S. Manufactured Home
Construction and Safety Standard,
Title 24 CFR, Part 3280 (formerly the
Federal Standard for Mobile Homes
Construction and Safety, Title 24, HUD
Part 280) latest edition.
The dryer must be fastened to the
Order Mobile Home Installation Kit,
Part No. 346764, from your dealer. Kit
includes the necessary fastening
hardware and detailed installation
instructions. Metal exhaust system is
also available through your dealer.
Special provisions must be made for
the introduction of outside air into the
dryer when installed in a mobile home.
The area of any opening for the
introduction of outside air (such as a
nearby window) should be at least
twice as large as the dryer exhaust
The dryer must be exhausted
The exhaust vent must be securely
fastened to a non-combustible portion
of the mobile home structure and must
not terminate beneath the mobile