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Mad Catz GameShark 2 Instruction Manual Page 5

Mad catz instruction manual games gameshark 2.
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GameShark UG
c) Editing an Existing Game Title
You cannot delete the Game names, Cheats or codes originally stored on GameShark
edit the Game Names and Cheats that are on the disc. If you edit the Game Names and Cheats, a PS2 Memory
Card is needed to save any changes. You may want to use this feature to add cheats to existing games.
You can only edit or delete the Game Names, Cheat Descriptions or Cheat Codes that you have added yourself.
These are purple in color.
1. Use the D-Pad on your controller to highlight Select Game on the Main Menu and press the "CROSS" button
on your controller.
2. While on the Select Game screen press the "SQUARE" button on your controller.
3. To edit the Game Name use the D-Pad on your controller to move the arrow curser around and press the
"CROSS" button on your controller to use that character.
5. If you wish to delete a character press the "TRIANGLE" button on your controller. Repeat this step to delete
the entire Game Name.
6. To move along the characters in the Game Name one at a time press L1 or R1 on your controller. To move to
the start or the end of the Game Name press L2 or R2 on your controller.
7. Once you have changed the Game Name press the "START" button on your controller. You will be taken to
the "Select Game" screen.
8. Press the "START" button on your controller again and a screen will appear asking you if you want to
"Overwrite cheats?" If you want to save the changes you have made to your PS2 Memory card, press the
"CROSS" button on your controller.
9. If you decide not to change the Game Name press the "TRIANGLE" button on your controller. This will take
you back to the Main Menu. No changes will be made to your GameShark
Top Tip: The Help bar is always displayed at the bottom of the screen.
d) Cheat Select
Every game has its own individual list of cheats, which will only work with that particular
Game and no other.
To select various cheat codes for the game you wish to play, follow the steps below.
1. On the Main menu, highlight "Select Game" and press the "CROSS" button on your controller.
2. On the "Select Game" screen, use the D-Pad to highlight the game that you wish to activate cheats for,
then press "RIGHT" on the D-Pad.
3. You will now see the "Cheat Browser" screen for the game you want to beat.
4. Press up and down on the D-Pad to go through the cheats you want activated during the game.
5. Press "CROSS" to Activate/ de-activate a highlighted cheat. If a cheat is activated it will flash.
6. Once you have activated all the cheats you want enabled, press the "START" button. This will take you to
the Main Menu. Highlight "Start Game" and press "CROSS". When prompted you should remove
the GameShark
2 V3 disc, insert the PlayStation
7. Press "TRIANGLE" to exit this screen.
Important: All games require a Mastercode. The Mastercode will automatically activate (and flash) when you
select any cheats for a game. This is normal. New Cheats will always be provided with Mastercodes.
Top Tip: If you experience any problems during gameplay, for example the game freezes, then reboot
2 V3 and try playing again with fewer codes selected. The Help bar is always displayed at
the bottom of the screen.
e) Add New Cheat Description
2 V3 allows you to add new cheats* for your favorite PlayStation 2
New cheats are added by first adding the Game Name then Cheat Description followed by the Cheat Code(s).
New Games added are listed alphabetically and are colored purple. GameShark
any changes you have made and will ask if you wish to save the changes when you return to the Main Menu.
*New Cheats are stored on your PlayStation 2
entered. GameShark
2 V3 will automatically check your memory card while loading for new cheats and update
the Game/Cheat list.
Ensure you have added a new "Game Name" as described above in 5b).
You should enter a Cheat Description that reflects what the Cheat code does, for example "Unlimited Lives",
"Maximum Health", "Unlock All Weapons", etc. Your description can be up to 25 characters long.
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Page 5
2 game, and press the "CROSS" button to begin playing.
memory card and this is required to save any new cheats
2 V3. However, you can
2 V3.
2 V3 will automatically detect

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