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Harbor Freight Tools BUNKER HILL SECURITY 68332 User Manual: Troubleshooting

Harbor freight tools security camera user manual.



1. Loose or incorrect
2. Monitor needs adjustment.
3. Camera settings
Monitor does not
display image
System does not
Loose or incorrect connections.
detect HDD
1. Loose or incorrect
2. Incorrect address information.
Cannot access
connected modem
Incompatibility with web browser. Check if web browser is compatible with software. This will
Error codes when
trying to install
DxClient software
1. Port forwarding not
Cannot access
DVR remotely
2. Incorrect IP address.
3. Firewall protection
4. Proxy not specified.
One or more of the cameras
Buzzer sounding
are not connected.
If viewed on a TV screen, TV
settings need adjusting.
Poor quality
SKU 68332
Possible Causes
need adjusting.
hindering access.
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353
likely Solutions
1. Check that all wire connections are secure and in the correct
location. Reconnect all power cable (black) connections.
2. Adjust the image settings on the monitor.
3. Through the Main Menu check that:
•  In Camera Setup, channel is set to ON.
•  In Record Setup, channel is set to ON.
•  In Record Framerate, adjust frames per second.
•  In Record Schedule, set to Normal or
Sensor for record time desired.
•  In Motion Detector Setup, if desired, set to ON and set
sensitivity level (block out area you do not want detected).
•  In Misc. Setup, check that the time
is set to the current time.
•  In Misc. Setup, check whether the channel is
hidden from view (will still record, but will not
display live image, only shows up on playback).
•  In Misc. Setup, adjust the Image
Parameters for clearest image.
Check that all wire connections are secure
and in the correct location.
1. Check that the connections are secure and plugged
in at the correct location in the correct order.
2. Through the Main Menu under Network Setup,
- Check that the IP Allocation is set to DHCP.*
- Note the IP Address.
- Enter the IP Address in the address bar in Internet Explorer
and press enter. You will access the HD.
*Note: If your modem does not support DHCP, you will need 
to get the address information form your internet provider.
require online research to determine your web browser's
compatibility and operations necessary for installation. You may
need to consult a qualified software technician if needed.
1. Complete port forwarding procedures to set up the
modem for port forwarding. If needed, consult online
information or a qualified computer technician to 
complete this task. You will need to obtain the external
IP address of the modem to complete this step.
2. Check for correct external IP address.
3. Check firewall settings.
4. Add to allowed IP addresses.
Check that all the camera wiring is completely
plugged in at all connection points.
Through the Main Menu check that:
•  In Record Framerate, adjust frames per second.
•  In Video Quality, increase to highest setting.
•  In Misc. Setup, adjust the Image
Parameters for the clearest image.
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  • Sally Jul 09, 2014 12:49:
    I have to agree with the other comments regarding customer/t​echnical support. These people are the worst! I need a copy of a recorded incident outside my business. Backup to a thumb drive was "succ​essful&quo​t;. However, when I take the thumb drive home to my computer, all I can view is a still picture or a blank screen. I have installed, uninstalle​d, & installed again the dvd that came with the system & can't figure out how to view the video. Will probably buy a new system. Anyone want to buy a used security camera system?
  • mary Jun 29, 2014 06:12:
    I had problems with mine. Its up to you if you want to try this. I was told by a rep. To unscrew the top of your system. inside is a reset button. push it down and it will reset to manufactur​es specs. This might help some of the problems out there. Because your right. Its hard to get the help I needed.
  • Julie May 16, 2014 10:30:
    Your customer service/te​chnical support sucks! We have been trying for several days and many hours to speak with someone regarding our 8-Channel Surveillan​ce DVR and have had no luck. We bought this system in March 2014 and we are already having issues. So glad we wasted $350.00 on something that doesn't work properly and you can't speak with technical support. Way to bend your customers over.
  • Tony mccaul May 01, 2014 09:30:
    Your after sale help STINKsI called about a problem .And Was given a run around from one place to another this as gone on for six month with still no one wanting to get me some answers .so buyer beware
  • VICKIE Apr 11, 2014 07:03:

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