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Greenheck UL555S Leakage Class I SMDR-501 Specification Sheet

Greenheck smoke dampers specification sheet.
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Smoke Dampers
UL 555S Leakage Class I
Model SMDR-501 meets the requirements for
Model SMDR-501 is a round smoke damper with extremely low
smoke dampers established by:
leakage. The SMDR-501 has been qualified to 3,000 fpm (15.2 m/s)
National Fire Protection Association
and 4 in. wg (1.0 kPa) for operational closure in emergency smoke
NFPA Standards 92A, 92B, 101 & 105
control situations, for use in HVAC system applications.
IBC International Building Codes
New York City (MEA listing #260-91-M)
Class I
California State Fire Marshall
4 in. wg (1.0 kPa) - differential pressure
Listing #: 2330-0981:104
Maximum Velocity:
3000 fpm (15.2 m/s)
350°F (177ºC) depending on the actuator.
"UL CLASSIFIED (see complete marking on
Standard Construction
20 ga. (1mm) galvanized steel round integral
"UL CLASSIFIED to Canadian safety standards
(see complete marking on product)"
Double skin galvanized steel (14 ga. [2mm]
Standard 555S (Listing #R13317)
equivalent) round style blades
Silicone rubber.
in. (13mm) dia. plated steel.
Oil impregnated stainless steel
Size Limitations:
Minimum Size:
6 in. diameter (152mm)
Maximum Size:
24 in. diameter (610mm)
Optional Features:
• Electric or pneumatic actuators to accomplish smoke
management and system functions.
• Open/Close Indicator (OCI) for remote indication of blade
• 14 ga. (2mm) or 16 ga. (1.5mm) frame/sleeve
* D dimension furnished approximately
in. (3mm) undersize.
Installation instructions available at
True Round Smoke Dampers meeting the following specifications
Damper actuators shall be (specified select one of the following)
shall be furnished and installed where shown on plans and/or as
electric type for 120 (or 24) volt operation or pneumatic type for 25 psi
described in schedules. Dampers shall meet the requirements of the
minimum operation (30 psi maximum). Manufacturer's submittal data
latest edition of NFPA 92A, 92B, 101 & 105.
shall indicate actuator space requirements around the damper.
Dampers shall be tested, rated and labeled in accordance with the
All UL555S operational ratings and leakage ratings shall be qualified
latest edition of UL Standards 555S. Dampers shall be UL labeled for
for airflow and pressure in either direction through the damper. UL
use in dynamic systems. The damper shall have a dynamic closure
ratings shall allow for mounting damper vertically or horizontally.
airflow rating equal to or greater than the airflow at the damper's
installed location and a dynamic closure pressure rating of 4 in. wg
The Damper Manufacturer's submittal data shall certify all air
performance pressure drop data is licensed in accordance with the
AMCA certified ratings program for test figures 5.2, 5.3, and 5.5.
Dampers shall have a UL 555S leakage rating of Class I and a
Damper air performance data shall be developed in accordance with
temperature rating of 250º F (121ºC) minimum. Dampers shall have a
the latest edition of AMCA Standard
UL555S operational airflow rating equal to or greater than the airflow
at its installed location and an operational pressure rating of 4 in. wg
(1 kPa). Damper actuators shall be factory mounted and qualified for
Basis of design is Greenheck's model SMDR-501.
use with the damper in accordance with UL555S.
Copyright © 2008 Greenheck Fan Corporation
SMDR-501 Rev. 7 June 2008

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