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For installation and connections, refer to the separate manual.
Para la instalación y las conexiones, refiérase al manual separado.
Pour l'installation et les raccordements, se référer au manuel séparé.
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Enter below the Model No. and
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Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    CD RECEIVER KD-SX8250/KD-SX780 RECEPTOR CON CD KD-SX8250/KD-SX780 RECEPTEUR CD KD-SX8250/KD-SX780 KD-SX8250 SOUND SOURCE KD-SX780 SOUND SOURCE COMPACT DIGITAL AUDIO For installation and connections, refer to the separate manual. Para la instalación y las conexiones, refiérase al manual separado. Pour l’installation et les raccordements, se référer au manuel séparé.

  • Page 2: How To Reset Your Unit

    INFORMATION (For U.S.A.) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing a JVC product. Please read all instructions carefully before operation, to ensure your complete understanding and to obtain the best possible performance from the unit. CONTENTS SOUND ADJUSTMENTS ....14 How to reset your unit .......

  • Page 4: Location Of The Buttons, Control Panel

    LOCATION OF THE BUTTONS Control panel Display window 200W INPUT i o ; ; EQ (equalizer) button /¢ buttons 2 5 (up) button a MP3 INPUT jack 3 ∞ (down) button Display window 4 Remote sensor 5 Display window s Main display 6 0 (eject) button d Volume (or audio) level indicator 7 FM AM button...

  • Page 5: Preparing The Remote Controller

    Preparing the remote controller Place the battery. Slide the battery into the holder with the + side facing upwards so that the battery is fixed in Before using the remote controller: the holder. • Aim the remote controller directly at the remote Lithium coin battery sensor on the main unit.

  • Page 6: Remote Controller

    3 • Selects the preset stations while listening to Remote controller the radio. Each time you press the button, the preset station number increases, and the selected RM–RK50 station is tuned in. • Skips to the previous disc while listening to the CD changer.

  • Page 7: Basic Operations, Turning On The Power

    BASIC OPERATIONS Turning on the power Adjust the volume. To increase the volume. Turn on the power. To decrease the volume. Note on One-Touch Operation: Volume or audio When you select a source in step 2 below, the level (see page 19) power automatically comes on.

  • Page 8: Radio Basic Operations, Listening To The Radio

    RADIO BASIC OPERATIONS Listening to the radio While searching stations, “SEEK” appears on the display. When a station is received, searching stops. You can use either automatic searching or manual searching to tune in to a particular station. To stop searching before a station is received, press the same button you have pressed for Searching a station automatically: searching.

  • Page 9: Storing Stations In Memory

    Storing stations in memory Tune in to a station you want while “MANU” is flashing. Press ¢ to tune You can use one of the following two methods to in to stations of higher store broadcasting stations in memory. frequencies. •...

  • Page 10: Tuning In To A Preset Station

    Manual preset Repeat the above procedure to store other stations into other preset You can preset up to 6 stations in each band (FM1, numbers. FM2, FM3 and AM) manually. Ex.: Storing an FM station of 88.3 MHz into the Notes: preset number 1 of the FM1 band •...

  • Page 11: Cd Operations, Playing A Cd

    CD OPERATIONS Playing a CD Current track Elapsed playing time Open the control panel. Changes to the clock time when “CLOCK” is set to “ON” (see page 19). Note: When an external component is connected to the MP3 Notes: INPUT jack on the control panel, be careful of •...

  • Page 12: Locating A Track Or Particular Portion On A Disc, Selecting Cd Playback Modes

    Locating a track or particular Selecting CD playback modes portion on a disc To play back tracks at random (Random Play) You can play back all tracks on the disc at random. To fast-forward or reverse the track Press and hold ¢ Press MODE to enter the functions while playing a disc, to mode while playing a disc.

  • Page 13: Prohibiting Cd Ejection, Function Buttons

    To play back only intros (Intro Scan) Prohibiting CD ejection You can play back the first 15 seconds of each track sequentially. You can prohibit CD ejection and can lock a disc in the loading slot. Press MODE to enter the functions mode while playing a disc.

  • Page 14: Sound Adjustments, Adjusting The Sound

    SOUND ADJUSTMENTS Adjusting the sound Adjust the level. To increase the level. You can adjust the sound characteristics to your preference. To decrease the level. Select the item you want to adjust. Each time you press the button, the adjustable items change as Equalization pattern changes as follows: you adjust the bass or treble.

  • Page 15

    Indication For: Preset values Selecting preset sound modes LOUD (C-EQ: custom equalizer) USER (Flat sound) ROCK Rock or disco music You can select a preset sound mode (C-EQ: Custom Equalizer) suitable to the music genre. CLASSIC Classical –02 music Press EQ. POPS Light music The last selected sound mode is...

  • Page 16: Storing Your Own Sound Adjustments

    • When “CEQ LINK” is set to “LINK ON,” Adjust the level. The selected sound mode can be stored in memory for the current source. To increase the level. Each time you change to the same source, the same sound mode is also recalled and shown on the display.

  • Page 17: Other Main Functions, Setting The Clock, Changing The General Settings (psm)

    OTHER MAIN FUNCTIONS Setting the clock To check the current clock time while the unit is turned off, press DISP (display). The power turns on, the clock time is shown for 5 seconds, then the power turns off. Press and hold SEL (select) for more than 2 seconds so that one of the PSM To check other information during play, press items appears on the display.

  • Page 18

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 to adjust the other PSM items if necessary. Finish the setting. Preferred Setting Mode (PSM) items Factory-preset Set. settings page Counter- clockwise Clockwise Hold. Select. CLOCK H Hour adjustment Back Advance 1:00 CLOCK M Minute adjustment Back Advance CEQ LINK...

  • Page 19

    To set Custom Equalizer Link – Note: CEQ LINK Auto Dimmer equipped with this unit may not work A different sound mode (C-EQ) can be stored in correctly on some vehicles, particularly on those memory for each source so that you can change having a control dial for dimming.

  • Page 20: Detaching The Control Panel

    Detaching the control panel Attaching the control panel Insert the right side of the control panel You can detach the control panel when leaving into the groove on the panel holder. the car. When detaching or attaching the control panel, be careful not to damage the connectors on the back of the control panel and on the panel holder.

  • Page 21: Cd Changer Operations, Playing Cds

    Playing CDs with your unit. If you have another CD automatic changer, consult your JVC car audio dealer for connections. Select the CD automatic changer (CD-CH). • For example, if your CD automatic changer is one of the KD-MK series, you need a cord (KS-U15K) for CD-CH connecting it to this unit.

  • Page 22

    To fast-forward or reverse the track To go to the next discs or the previous discs Press and hold ¢ Press 5, while playing a while playing a CD, to fast-forward the track. disc, to go to the next disc. Each time you press the button consecutively, the Press and hold 4...

  • Page 23: Selecting Cd Playback Modes

    Selecting CD playback modes To play back only intros (Intro Scan) You can play back the first 15 seconds of each To play back tracks at random (Random Play) track sequentially. Press MODE to enter the functions Press MODE to enter the functions mode while playing a disc.

  • Page 24: External Component Operations, Playing External Components

    EXTERNAL COMPONENT OPERATIONS Portable MP3 player, etc. MP3 INPUT* * Not compatible with digital signals. Playing external components To select “AUX IN” (component connected to the MP3 INPUT jack on the control panel), press and hold CD CD-CH. You can connect two external components to this unit.

  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING What appears to be trouble is not always serious. Check the following points before calling a service center. Remedies Symptoms Causes Insert the disc correctly. • CD cannot be played back. Disc is inserted upside down. Stop playback while driving on •...

  • Page 26: Maintenance, Handling Discs

    MAINTENANCE Handling discs Moisture condensation Moisture may condense on the lens inside the This unit has been designed to reproduce CDs unit in the following cases: and CD-Rs. • After starting the heater in the car. • You can play back your original CD-Rs •...

  • Page 27: Specifications

    Installation Size: For KD-SX8250: 4.0 V/20 k load (full scale) 182 mm x 52 mm x 150 mm For KD-SX780: 2.0 V/20 k load (full scale) (7-3/16" x 2-1/16" x 5-15/16") Output Impedance: 1 k Panel Size: 188 mm x 58 mm x 14 mm (7-7/16"...

  • Page 28

    Technical Support & Customer Satisfaction Survey. US RESIDENTS ONLY Having TROUBLE with operation? Please reset your unit Refer to page of How to Reset Still having trouble?? USA ONLY Call 1-800-252-5722 We can help you! VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED EN, SP, FR 0102KKSMDTJEIN...

  • Page 29

    Si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita información votre voiture particulière. Si vous avez des questions ou avez installation kits, consult your JVC car audio dealer or a company acerca de las herramientas para instalación, consulte con su besoin d’information sur des kits d’installation, consulter votre...

  • Page 30

    JVC car audio dealers. puede ser adquirido en los concesionarios de JVC de equipos de tension, que vous pouvez acheter chez un revendeur d’autoradios • Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. If the fuse audio para automóviles.

  • Page 31

    (See diagram Recomendamos conectar uno de los cambiadores de CD de la serie CH-X. JVC CD changer or another external component • Si su cambiador de CD es de la serie KD-MK, necesitará un cable opcional (KS-U15K). Cambiador de CD u otro componente exterior Conectando el adaptador de entrada de línea KS-U57 (no suministrado), también podrá...

  • Page 32

    INPUT damage to this unit. JVC Amplifier Fije firmemente el cable de tierra a la carrocería Amplificador de JVC metálica o al chasis—a un lugar no cubierto con Amplificateur JVC pintura (si está cubierto con pintura, quítela antes de fijar el cable). De lo contrario, se podrían Blue with white stripe producir daños en la unidad.

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