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Baratza Vario Operation Manual

Ceramic burr.
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Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder
Operations Manual

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    ™ Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Operations Manual...

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    ™ Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Operations manuals are available in the following languages at English.pdf Spanish.pdf French.pdf...

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    ™ Thank you for purchasing the filter or ground coffee bin for VARIO Coffee Grinder. With Filter and French Press. ™ the VARIO , it’s now easier ™ Innovative grind adjustment than ever to make professional system quality coffee, whether at home, the office, or your café.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Cleaning the Burrs ................9 Automatic Cleaning ................. 9 Removing the Upper Burr ............... 10 Replacing the Upper Burr ............... 10 Replacing the Bean Hopper ............10 Help and Troubleshooting ..............10 Warranty ....................11 Grinding Notes ..................12 Baratza Contact Information ..............13...

  • Page 5: Parts Identification

    ™ Parts Identification Hopper lid Whole bean hopper (250 grams) LCD grind time indicator Grind time adjustment buttons (2) Start / Stop button Manual grind button Programable grind setting buttons (3) Grind button LED (3) Macro grind adjustment lever Micro grind adjustment lever Ground coffee bin (250 grams.) Upper burr carrier Ceramic burrs...

  • Page 6

    Please keep these op- the warranty. erating instructions for future refer- ence. Baratza will not accept any liability for damage or injury if the grinder Your new VARIO is rated for either ™...

  • Page 7: Setting The Macro And Micro Grind Adjustment

    equal to one “click” or position on Initial Set Up the Macro scale. With both levers, moving UP produces a smaller Place the Vario Grinder on a level particle size and DOWN produces surface. Insert the hopper by lining a larger particle size. The actual up the two small tabs on the base grind size for a particular setting will of the hopper with their respec-...

  • Page 8: Normal Grinding Operation, Programming Grind Dosing Times

    Normal Grinding Operation seconds and Press: 30 seconds. After adjusting the grind (particle size) to your desired setting, press Press the desired button (Espres- the desired button, and then press so, Filter or Press). The blue LED START. The grinder will run and next to the button will light and the the display will count down from display LCD will show the corre-...

  • Page 9: Sleep Mode

    PortaHolder Installation sponding button (Espresso, Filter, ™ or Press) and hold for 3 seconds. The time shown in the LCD display Insert the PortaHolder into the ™ will blink to confirm the setting is grinder until it clicks. Then insert stored.

  • Page 10: Burr Calibration

    Burr Calibration of the VARIO A secondary 2mm allen head cali- bration screw has been added. It is located in the round hole be- tween the discharge chute and the calibration grommet (see photo). This calibration screw allows the user to easily adjust the calibra- tion in the finer direction while the grinder running.

  • Page 11: Cleaning The Housing And Hopper, Cleaning The Burrs, Automatic Cleaning

    Cleaning enables the To purchase GRINDZ go to www. ™ burrs to achieve the most con- sistent grind possible. Cleaning also removes coffee oils which will stale and degrade the flavor of the ground coffee. Do not wash the...

  • Page 12: Removing The Upper Burr, Replacing The Upper Burr, Replacing The Bean Hopper

    For FAQ’s or to troubleshoot a the fixed burr and the lower burr problem, please see the Trouble- mounted within the motor housing. shooting section at www.baratza. Replacing the Upper Burr While rocking the burr side to side, push down firmly on the burr car- rier to ensure that it seats properly.

  • Page 13: Warranty

    “failed” grinder to us. Store: Also, please include your name, address and telephone number. International Warranty Information For repairs or parts contact Go to: or call Baratza LLC 425-641-1245 for international 3923-120th Ave. S.E. warranty information. Bellevue, WA. 98006 877-701-2021 Proof of Purchase and e-mail: support@baratza.

  • Page 14: Grinding Notes

    Grinding Notes...

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    © 2009 Baratza, LLC 3923-120th Ave. S.E. Bellevue, WA. 98006 rev: 122109...

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