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Dynasty Spas SSPA-1 Quick Reference Card Page 2

Dynasty spas hot tub quick reference card.
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The system will automatically perform two filtration cycles per day, 12 hours apart. During a filter cycle, the pump runs at low
speed for a predetermined number of hours. The ozonator is also activated. The "Filter" indicator light will be on when a filter
cycle is in progress.
To set the filter cycle duration:
Press and hold the Light key for
Use the Up or Down arrow key
When the desired setting is
5 seconds. The display will show
to change the setting.
displayed, press the Light key
the currently set filter cycle duration
0 = no filtration
to confirm. A filter cycle will start
in hours.
12 = continuous filtration
An irregularly flashing "Filter" indicator light indicates that
Note: After a power failure, the filter cycle duration
the system has stopped filtering after 3 hours because the
will return to its default value (6 hours). In this case, the
water temperature exceeds the set point by more than
first filter cycle will start 12 hours after power has been
2˚F (1˚C). If the temperature cools down to 1˚F (0.5˚C)
above set point before the scheduled end of the cycle,
filtering will resume for the remaining of the programmed
Pumps have started up for one
Not a bug but a feature!
minute on several occasions and
"Filter Cycle" indicator is flashing.
Our Smart Winter Mode protects your spa from the
cold by automatically turning pumps on for one minute
several times a day to prevent water from freezing in pipes.
3 flashing dots are displayed.
A problem has been detected.
Do not enter the water! Check and open water valves.
Clean filter if necessary. Check water level. Add water
if necessary.
Shut power off and power your spa up again to reset the
Call your dealer or service supplier if problem persists.
Water temperature is flashing.
Water temperature in the spa has reached 112˚F (44˚C).
Do not enter the water! Allow water to cool down. The
system will reset automatically when water temperature
reaches 109˚F (43˚C).
Call your dealer or service supplier if problem persists.
The display is flashing.
A power failure has occurred. Press any key to reset the
system, then reprogram all desired parameters.

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