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Motorola DROID RAZR HD User's Manual: Messages

Droid razr hd / maxx hd - user guide.



Quick start: Messages
Stay in touch with messages and pictures.
Find it: Tap Apps
Tip: When the screen is locked, tap
• Create:
above the inbox list.
• Attach:
When you're typing a message, tap
attach a picture, video, or other file.
Text Messagi...
Text Messaging
and flick
Change notifications
& other options.
Create a message.
Tap a conversation to open it,
or tap & hold for options.
Swipe up for more.
Tap a sender to add them to
People, or open options for
contacting them.
Tips & tricks
• Forward, or save
conversation, tap and hold a
message, then tap
forward. Tap and hold a picture to save it.
• Voice entry:
touchscreen keyboard.
• Reply to all in text messages:
message to multiple people, you can let everyone see
the other recipients and reply to all, or hide the other
recipients so that replies only go to you. To change
this, tap Apps
• Text your best friend:
favorite contact quickly: Tap Apps
the top, tap and hold
home screen, then choose a contact.
Read, reply, forward & delete text
Find it: Tap Apps
Tip: When the screen is locked, tap
• Open:
Tap a conversation to open it.
Open a
Just tap a text box, then tap
When you send a text
Text Messaging
Group message type
Use a widget to text your
Direct message
Text Messaging
Sent: February 13, 4:00 PM
on the
> Menu
, tap
to drag it to your
and flick

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