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HP 170X - JetDirect Print Server Configuration Manual

Hp jetdirect 170x - installation and configuration guide.
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    network printing installation hp jetdirect print servers configuration guide model 170x...

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    Installation and Configuration Guide HP Jetdirect 170X External Print Server...

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    WARRANTIES OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. PURPOSE. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable Trademark Credits for errors contained herein or for ® ® Microsoft , MS-DOS , Windows®, incidental or consequential damages Microsoft Windows NT™...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction Product Overview ......1-1 What’s Included ......1-2 For Further Help.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    4. Using the CD-ROM to Install the Printer on Your System Microsoft or Novell NetWare Networks ... 4-2 To Use the HP Install Network Printer Wizard 4-3 To View Documents on the CD-ROM ... . . 4-6 5.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Novell NetWare (non-NDPS) Checklists ..7-6 File Server Checklist..... . 7-6 Server-to-Printer Connection Checklist.

  • Page 8: Product Overview

    Introduction Product Overview The HP Jetdirect 170X (J3258B) is an external print server that allows you to connect your printer, plotter, or HP All-in-One peripheral with scanning capability directly to your network. The 170X enhances workgroup productivity by letting you place your printer or plotter at a convenient location on the network while improving network printer performance.

  • Page 9: What's Included, For Further Help

    What’s Included HP Jetdirect 170X Print Server Power Module (see Appendix A for part numbers) CD-ROM containing HP Jetdirect software Installation and Configuration Guide (this manual) For Further Help For information on subjects not included in this manual, see the following manual shipped electronically on the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM: Documents on the...

  • Page 10: Network Printing Basics

    Network Printing Basics Networks consist of computers connected together to share information and resources, such as printers. There are two ways to share printers on a network: client-server and peer-to-peer. Peer-to-peer printing Client-server printing Server Figure 1.1 Network Printing Configurations On a client-server network, client computers send print jobs to dedicated server computers that control the use of each printer.

  • Page 11

    printer. Note that peer-to-peer printing can be configured on a client-server network. For example, a small workgroup might use peer-to-peer printing even though it is connected to an enterprise-wide client-server network. Regardless of the network type (client-server or peer-to-peer), your computers and printers must use a common language, or “network protocol”...

  • Page 12: Installation Overview, Configuration For Network Printing

    Installation Overview To install the HP Jetdirect print server hardware, simply connect the 170X to the network, then connect your printer, plotter, or HP All-In-One peripheral to the 170X using the parallel port connector (See chapters 2 and 3.) Figure 1.2 Use the HP Jetdirect 170X print server to connect a printer, plotter, or HP All-in-One peripheral to your network.

  • Page 13: Customer Support, Electronic Services

    HP Jetdirect software (see chapter 4). Customer Support Electronic Services Hewlett-Packard provides electronic services that can be used to obtain software updates and related product information. For the latest information about HP Jetdirect print servers and software, visit HP’s online support.

  • Page 14: Hp Support By Phone

    HP Support By Phone If you need assistance, call one of the following numbers: Australia + 61 3 8877 8000 Malaysia 1800 805405 Austria + 43 (0)810 00 6080 Mexico City 52 58 9922 Belgium (Dutch) + 32 (0)2 626 8806 Mexico 01 800 472 6684 Belgium...

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    1-8 Introduction...

  • Page 16

    Where Do I Begin? Using the HP Jetdirect 170X External Print Server to add your printer to a network is getting easier all the time! Just follow these steps. For example, you 1. Set up your printer. may need to unpack the printer, install and load paper trays, and install ink...

  • Page 17: Which Cd-rom Do I Use?

    Which CD-ROM Do I Use? For newer HP printers, including multifunction peripherals (MFPs) and All-in-One devices, you should use only the CD-ROM supplied with the printer. This “printer’s CD-ROM” already includes network installation software. In table 2.1 lists recent HP printers that integrate network installation software on their CD-ROM.

  • Page 18: Do You Have Everything That You Need?, Connection, Software Driver

    Do You Have Everything That You Need? A working network with an available network connection We assume that you have a working network and an available network connection for your printer. A working network consists of multiple computers that can share files and other resources with each other over the network cables.

  • Page 19: Other Hp Installation Software

    Other HP Installation Software For a summary of HP solutions to set up network printing, see table 2.2 below. Table 2.2 HP Software Solutions (1 of 2) Install Network Printer Wizard (Windows) Supported Networks (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX): Windows 98, ME Windows NT 4.0, 2000 NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x A simple printer installation tool to install a single network printer on a peer-to-peer or client-server network...

  • Page 20: Install Network Printer Wizard (windows)

    Table 2.2 HP Software Solutions (2 of 2) HP IP/IPX Printer Gateway Supported Networks (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX): NetWare 4.11, 4.2, 5.x Simplifies installation, printing, and bidirectional management of HP Jetdirect-connected printers under Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) Allows automatic discovery and installation of HP Jetdirect-connected printers into NDPS via IPX Frees up user licenses Allows disabling of SAPs to reduce network traffic...

  • Page 21: Hp Web Jetadmin

    HP Web JetAdmin HP Web JetAdmin allows you to use a web browser to install, view, manage, and diagnose devices connected to an HP Jetdirect print server or any standard printer MIB devices. For information about a procedure or window in the HP Web JetAdmin software, see the online help.

  • Page 22

    Note Installation instructions are also contained in the HP Web JetAdmin install file, the HP Web JetAdmin readme file, and in the online help. Verifying Installation and Providing Access Verify that the HP Web JetAdmin software is correctly installed by navigating to it with your browser as shown in the following example: http://server.domain:port/\ where server.domain is the host name of your web server and...

  • Page 23: Hp Ip/ipx Printer Gateway For Ndps

    HP IP/IPX Printer Gateway for NDPS NDPS (Novell Distributed Print Services) is a printing architecture developed by Novell, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard. NDPS simplifies and streamlines the administration of network printing. It eliminates the need to set up and link print queues, printer objects, and print servers.

  • Page 24

    Supported Clients Clients supported by the HP IP/IPX Printer Gateway: Novell Client 3.2 (or later) for Windows 98 Novell Client 4.7 (or later) for Windows NT and 2000 The HP IP/IPX Printer Gateway ships with Novell NetWare 5.x and supports Novell's second release of NDPS. It also supports NetWare 4.11 and 4.22 and intraNetWare, both with NDPS already installed.

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    2-10 Where Do I Begin?

  • Page 26

    Installing the HP Jetdirect 170X Print Server Making a printer available on the network involves the following tasks, as outlined on page 3-1: 1. Set up the printer. Assemble and switch it on, but do not attach it. 2. Connect your printer to the network, by installing the print server. This task is described in this chapter 3, including the following subtasks: a.

  • Page 27: Leds

    LEDs On the top of the 170X are Status and LAN Activity LEDs. If the And the Status Activity LED is... LED is... Then the print server is... Not receiving power. On; no LAN activity detected. Blinking On; LAN activity detected. On (Solid) Encountering a fault during self-test or operation.

  • Page 28: Install The 170x Hardware

    Install the 170X Hardware Follow the steps below to install the 170X. For technical specifications or part numbers for power modules or parallel cables, see Appendix A. Power Parallel Cable Network Cable Figure 3-1 Connecting the 170X to the LAN and Printer 1.

  • Page 29: Print A 170x Configuration Page

    Print a 170X Configuration Page After you have installed the 170X, you are ready to verify the installation. 1. Press the Test button on the back of the 170X to generate a configuration page (see Figure 3-2). Test Button Figure 3-2 Test Button on the back of the 170X 2.

  • Page 30

    Using the CD-ROM to Install the Printer on Your System The third task in networking your printer, as described in chapter 2, is to add the printer to the systems by running the software on the CD-ROM. See page 2-2 to decide which CD-ROM to use—the one supplied with the printer or the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM supplied with the HP Jetdirect 170X External Print Server.

  • Page 31: Microsoft Or Novell Netware Networks

    Microsoft or Novell NetWare Networks The HP Jetdirect CD-ROM installation utility supports Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, and 2000 systems only. To run the utility, proceed as follows: 1. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. 2. Wait for the installation utility to start automatically. If necessary, run SETUP.EXE from the root directory of the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM.

  • Page 32: To Use The Hp Install Network Printer Wizard

    To Use the HP Install Network Printer Wizard To quickly set up your print server and system for network printing, use the Install Network Printer wizard. Note The Install Network Printer wizard can be used in most Windows environments. Note the following exceptions: Windows 3.1x and NT 3.51 environments are not supported.

  • Page 33

    2. Choose Wired, then click Next. The HP Install Network Printer Wizard welcome screen will appear. 3. Follow the remaining instructions displayed. Click Help on each screen for additional instructions. 4. When prompted, print a test page to verify printer setup. If the test page successfully prints, then you have completed printer setup on this computer system.

  • Page 34

    Client-Server Networks After you have set up the printer on the server, you will need to set up your network clients to access the printer through the server. The procedures depend on the available utilities for your particular clients and network operating system. For example, if the printer was installed and shared on a Microsoft server, each Windows client can use Add Printer or Network Neighborhood utilities to access the printer.

  • Page 35: To View Documents On The Cd-rom

    To View Documents on the CD-ROM Several HP Jetdirect print server documents, including the HP Jetdirect Print Server Administrator’s Guide, are provided on the CD-ROM both in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (*.pdf files) and web browser format (*.htm). For supported Windows systems, these documents can be accessed through the CD-ROM utility.

  • Page 36

    4. Click on the document that you want to view. For Adobe Acrobat format (*.pdf) documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or greater is required. It is available free from Adobe’s web site at: readstep.html For other supported operating systems, you can Note access the documentation files directly from the \MANUALS directory on the CD-ROM.

  • Page 37

    4-8 Using the CD-ROM to Install the Printer on Your System...

  • Page 38

    Using the Embedded Web Server Each HP Jetdirect 170X print server contains an embedded web server that can be accessed through a supported web browser on an intranet. The embedded web server provides access to configuration and management pages for the HP Jetdirect print server and the attached peripheral device.

  • Page 39: Supported Web Browsers, Supported Hp Web Jetadmin Version, Viewing The Embedded Web Server

    Supported Web Browsers Windows platforms: Netscape Navigator 4.00, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 4.05, 4.06, 4.08 Netscape Communicator 4.5, 4.51, 4.6 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 with update SP1, 4.01, 5.0 HP-UX: Netscape Navigator 4.08 Netscape Communicator 4.5, 4.51, 4.6 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Solaris: Netscape Navigator 4.06, 4.08 Netscape Communicator 4.51, 4.6...

  • Page 40: Special Features

    If the HP Jetdirect print server does not receive its IP configuration within two minutes, a default IP address is automatically assigned: This address is not a valid IP address for your network but can be used to initially access the print server.

  • Page 41: Operating Notes

    For some multifunction peripherals (MFPs) and All-in-One devices, scanning is available as a Scan button on the first screen. Pressing this button allows you to scan, preview, crop, and in some cases, e-mail images over the Internet. For more information, access this feature and select Help. Operating Notes Changes to the IP address and other parameters will close the connection to the embedded web server.

  • Page 42: Requirements

    FTP Printing FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a basic TCP/IP connectivity utility to transfer data between systems. FTP printing is a way to use FTP to send print files from a client system to an HP Jetdirect-connected printer. In an FTP printing session, the client connects and sends a print file to the HP Jetdirect FTP server which in turn passes the print file to the printer.

  • Page 43: Print Files, Using Ftp Printing, Ftp Connections

    Print Files The HP Jetdirect FTP server transfers print files to the printer but does not interpret them. For proper printing, print files must be in a language recognized by the printer (such as PostScript, PCL, or unformatted text). For formatted print jobs, you must first print to a file from your application using the driver for the selected printer, then transfer the print file to the printer through an FTP session.

  • Page 44: Ftp Login

    Data Connection A second connection, a data connection, is created each time a file is transferred between the client and the FTP server. The client controls the creation of a data connection by issuing the commands that require a data connection (such as FTP ls, dir or put commands).

  • Page 45: Ending The Ftp Session, Commands

    If login is successful, a message “230” will be displayed on the client system. In addition, the available HP Jetdirect ports for printing will be displayed. HP Jetdirect external print servers with multiple ports will display all available ports, with Port1 the default port.

  • Page 46: Example Of An Ftp Session

    This is an example of a typical FTP printing session: System> ftp Connected to 220 JD FTP Server Ready Name ( Kelli 331 Username OK, send identity (email name) as password. Password: 230- Hewlett-Packard J3265A FTP Server Version 1.0 FTP Printing 6-5...

  • Page 47

    Directory: Description: --------------------------- PORT1 (default) Print to port 1 (HP LaserJet 4000) PORT2 Print to port 2 (HP Color LaserJet 4500) PORT3 Print to port 3 (unknown device) To print a file use the command: put <filename> [portx] or 'cd' to desired port and use: put <filename> Ready to print to PORT1 230 User logged in.

  • Page 48: Hardware, The 170x Configuration Page

    Troubleshooting This chapter describes how to diagnose and correct problems associated with the HP Jetdirect 170X print server. To troubleshoot the 170X, you will need the following items: Your printer’s user guide A 170X configuration page Online help files provided with HP’s Web JetAdmin or JetAdmin software The diagnostics tools and utilities provided with your network software (such as Novell’s PCONSOLE or NWADMIN utilities)

  • Page 49

    The HP 170X configuration page (illustrated on page 7-3) is divided into six sections: Section Description Troubleshooting Information General network Firmware revision number, type of network information (Ethernet), LAN hardware address, port selection type, and manufacturing identification number. Print server status Error conditions or I/O CARD READY.

  • Page 50

    Figure 7-1 170X Configuration Page Sections Hewlett-Packard Jetdirect 170X (PCL Configuration Page) HP Jetdirect J3258B FIRMWARE REVISION: F.08.05 LAN HW ADDRESS: 0060B01BE736 PARALLEL PORT 1: ECP2/MLC MFG ID: 38303830900703 DATE MANUFACTURED: 01/2000 PORT SELECT: 10BASE-T HALF ================================= 1/O CARD READY...

  • Page 51: Resetting Configuration To Factory Defaults, Troubleshooting Steps, Verify The Printer Works Properly

    Resetting Configuration to Factory Defaults Once you configure the HP Jetdirect 170X, the configuration settings are retained in memory unless you manually reset them to factory defaults. To reset the 170X to factory defaults, follow these steps: 1. Unplug the power cord from the 170X. 2.

  • Page 52: Verify The 170x Hardware Works Properly, Attached Directly To A Pc

    Verify the 170X hardware works properly Attach the printer to the 170X and attach the 170X to the LAN (see chapter 3 for more detailed instructions). Press the 170X Test button to print a configuration page. If a configuration page is printed, the 170X is connected properly. Review the page for status and error messages.

  • Page 53: Novell Netware (non-ndps) Checklists

    Novell NetWare (non-NDPS) Checklists File Server Checklist 1. Is the file server up and running? If not, bring the file server up. See your network software documentation for more information. 2. Are you logged into the file server that you want the 170X to service? Verify that you have selected the correct file server;...

  • Page 54: Workstation Checklist, Workstation-to-print Server Checklist

    Workstation Checklist 1. Is the workstation running the network software? Make sure the network operating system software is loaded. If you cannot load your network software, see your network software documentation. 2. Is your software application correctly configured to print to the network printer? Make sure your software application is printing to the correct port using the correct driver and that the port is configured correctly.

  • Page 55: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Nt 4.0 Checklist

    Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0 Checklist For Internet users, access HP’s website for troubleshooting Jetdirect print servers: Select your product type and number and, when displayed, select Support Documents. Then select Troubleshooting. Check your network settings and verify that the proper protocols and services are configured.

  • Page 56

    HP Jetdirect Configuration Page Messages Overview This chapter describes the messages, network statistics, and status that can be printed on a configuration page (also called a self-test page or configuration plot). If you have not printed a configuration page from your printer, see chapter 3. These messages include configuration information and error messages for each network operating system.

  • Page 57

    Table 8.1 Novell NetWare Configuration Messages (1 of 2) Message Description IPX/SPX RETRANS: Number of retransmissions necessary because a remote node did not acknowledge receipt of a frame sent to it. Excessive retransmissions may degrade performance, cause 40 ERRORS, or indicate developing network hardware or congestion problems.

  • Page 58

    Table 8.1 Novell NetWare Configuration Messages (2 of 2) Message Description NETWORK FRAME The first column indicates the network number TYPE RCVD associated with the protocol frame type for communication between server and printer. Unless a specific frame type has been manually configured, the print server automatically determines the protocol frame type by listening to the NetWare data being transferred over the network.

  • Page 59

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (1 of 15) Message Description ARP DUPLICATE IP The ARP layer has detected another node on ADDRESS the network using the same IP address as the HP Jetdirect print server. Extended error information below this message shows the hardware address of the other node.

  • Page 60

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (2 of 15) Message Description CF ERR - LINE TOO A line being processed in the TFTP configuration file LONG was longer than the HP Jetdirect print server could accept. CF ERR - MISSING A line in the TFTP configuration file was missing a PARAM required parameter.

  • Page 61

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (3 of 15) Message Description DISCONNECTING The server has been shut down because of a FROM SERVER configuration change or reset request. This message automatically clears after a few seconds, unless the printer is offline, is in an error state, or is servicing another I/O port or another network protocol.

  • Page 62

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (4 of 15) Message Description INITIALIZING The HP Jetdirect print server is trying to connect to the TRYING TO NetWare server(s). This is a normal message. Wait CONNECT TO until the connection is established or another status SERVER message appears.

  • Page 63

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (5 of 15) Message Description LAN ERROR- Check the network connections. If the connections are BABBLE intact, run the power-on self-test: turn the printer off, then on again. If the error persists, call the HP Support (see Chapter 1 for telephone numbers).

  • Page 64

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (6 of 15) Message Description LAN ERROR- Run the power-on self-test: turn the printer off, then REMOVE RECEIVE on again. If this message reappears on the resulting configuration page, you may have a problem with one of the HP Jetdirect print servers on your network.

  • Page 65

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (7 of 15) Message Description LOST FRAMES: Number of times the end of the frame could not be detected while transmitting. MEMORY ERROR Run the power-on self-test: turn the printer off, then on again. If the error persists, call the HP Support (see Chapter 1 for telephone numbers).

  • Page 66

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (8 of 15) Message Description NDS ERR: NO No print queue objects are assigned to the printer QUEUE OBJECTS objects located in the NDS directory. NDS ERR: SRVR The file server on the network cannot be located. NAME The server may not be running at this time or a UNRESOLVD...

  • Page 67

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (9 of 15) Message Description NDS SRVER Unable to read the File server public key. PUBLIC KEY ERR NO QUEUE The HP Jetdirect print server detected that the print ASSIGNED server object has not been assigned any queues to service.

  • Page 68

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (10 of 15) Message Description PARALLEL CENTRONICS indicates a standard parallel PORT X: connection that transfers data in one direction only (to the printer). BITRONICS indicates a parallel connection that supports bidirectional communications. MLC, ECP2/MLC, ECP2/1284.3, 1284.3, ECP2/1284.4 or 1284.4 indicates a bidirectional parallel connection (IEEE-1284) that supports an enhanced capabilities port.

  • Page 69

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (11 of 15) Message Description PRINTER NUMBER The printer number you assigned to the remote printer NOT DEFINED has not been defined. Assign a valid printer number to the HP Jetdirect print server, or run PCONSOLE and define a printer number for the print server.

  • Page 70

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (12 of 15) Message Description TFTP RETRIES The overall retrying of the TFTP transfer of the EXCEEDED configuration file from the host to the HP Jetdirect print server has exceeded a retry limit. TOTAL PACKETS Total number of frames (packets) received by the RECEIVED: HP Jetdirect print server without error.

  • Page 71

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (13 of 15) Message Description UNABLE TO Remote Printer mode: The HP Jetdirect print server CONNECT TO was unable to establish an SPX connection with the SERVER print server. Make sure that the print server is running and that all cables and routers are functioning correctly.

  • Page 72

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (14 of 15) Message Description UNABLE TO LOGIN A failure was detected when the HP Jetdirect print server tried to log onto the file server. This could be caused by the print server object not existing on the file server, or because of a security check that prevents the print server from logging in.

  • Page 73

    Table 8.2 General HP Jetdirect Messages (15 of 15) Message Description UNEXPECTED The print server sent some data when the HP Jetdirect PSERVER DATA print server had not given its permission to do so. This RCVD indicates a possible print server problem, possibly a software problem.

  • Page 74: Specifications, Supported Networks, Regulatory Statements

    Technical Specifications and Regulatory Statements Specifications Supported Networks HP J3258B Jetdirect 170X Print Server supports Ethernet or IEEE 802.3 Type 10Base-T networks using unshielded twisted-pair cable and RJ-45 connectors. It requires a 10Base-T network hub or concentrator that supports link beat (link test pulse) signals.

  • Page 75

    Product Width Height Depth* Weight Number J3258B 180 mm 33 mm 115 mm 224 g (7.09 in.) (1.3 in.) (4.53 in.) (0.49 lbs.) *Measurement includes any protrusions for connectors, legs, etc. Power Requirements Parameter 170X Power Module Input Voltage 9-35 VDC See Following Power Module Chart...

  • Page 76

    Power Modules Note: If two parts are listed for one country/region, either part can be used regardless of output rating. Country/Region Part Num. Input Rating Output Rating Australia, New 0950-3172 240VAC 50 Hz 13 VDC @300 ma Zealand, Argentina 0950-3358 240VAC 50 Hz 13 VDC @800 ma China 0950-2806 220VAC 50 Hz...

  • Page 77

    Environmental Parameter 170X Operating 170X Non-Operating Temperature 0 °C to 55 °C -40 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 131 °F) (-6 °F to 158 °F) Relative Humidity 15% to 95% at 40 °C 90% at 65 °C (149 °F) (104 °F) non-condensing Altitude...

  • Page 78

    Pursuant to Part 15.21 of the FCC Rules, any changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly approved by the Hewlett-Packard Company, may cause interference and void the FCC authorization to operate this equipment. Attaching this product in an FCC Level B product results in an FCC Level A Composite System as defined in the FCC Rules and Regulations.

  • Page 79

    The product herewith complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and carries the CE marking accordingly. This product was tested in a typical configurations with Hewlett-Packard Co. products. Roseville, August 12, 2002 Jill Stevenson, Product Regulations Manager European contact for regulatory topics only: Hewlett-Packard GmbH, HQ-TRE, Herrenberger Straße 140,...

  • Page 80

    Australia This equipment complies with Australian EMC requirements. Canada This equipment complies with Canadian EMC Class A requirements. Japan VCCI Class 1 Korea RRL Taiwan Class A Technical Specifications and Regulatory Statements A-7...

  • Page 81

    Chinese Safety Statement A-8 Technical Specifications and Regulatory Statements...

  • Page 82

    Warranty Service HEWLETT-PACKARD LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT HP PRODUCT DURATION OF LIMITED WARRANTY HP Jetdirect 170X Print Server (J3258B) 1 year 1. HP warrants to you, the end-user customer, that HP hardware, accessories and supplies will be free from defects in materials and workmanship after the date of purchase, for the period specified above.

  • Page 83

    Customers outside the USA should contact their HP Authorized Dealer or HP Sales and Service Office to obtain information on prices, exchange unit availability and instructions. Hewlett-Packard Year 2000 Warranty Subject to all of the terms and limitations of the HP Limited Warranty Statement provided...

  • Page 84

    LOCAL WARRANTY STATEMENTS Australia and New Zealand For consumer transactions in Australia and New Zealand: The warranty terms contained herein except to the extent lawfully permitted, do not exclude, restrict, or modify and are in addition to the mandatory statutory rights applicable to the sale of this product to you. Warranty Service B-3...

  • Page 85

    B-4 Warranty Service...

  • Page 86

    Index ARP DUPLICATE IP ADDRESS 8-4 Defaults restoring 7-4 DHCP NACK 8-5 DISCONNECTED 8-5 BABBLE ERROR 8-4 DISCONNECTING BAD BOOTP REPLY 8-4 FROM SERVER 8-6 BAD BOOTP TAG SIZE 8-4 SPX TIMEOUT 8-5 BAD LENGTH RCVD 8-4 BAD PACKETS RCVD 8-4 BOOTP IN PROGRESS 8-4 Browsers, supported 5-2 Electronic support services 1-6...

  • Page 87

    IP/IPX printer gateway, see HP IP/ introduction 6-1 IPX printer gateway for NDPS FTP Site 1-6 JetAdmin, see HP Web JetAdmin gateway 2-8 JETDIRECT ETHERNET 8-6 hardware installation 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 3- LAN ERROR 3, 3-4 AUTO REMOVAL 8-7 HP IP/IPX printer gateway for NDPS BABBLE 8-8 CONTROLLER CHIP 8-8 HP JETDIRECT ETHERNET 8-6...

  • Page 88

    print/file server to printer NDS CONNECTION STATE connection 7-6 ERROR 8-10 workstation checklist 7-7 NDS ERR NOVRAM ERROR 8-12 CANNOT READ Q HOST 8-10 CHANGE PSSWD FAILED 8-10 EXCEEDS MAX SERVERS 8- Operating Systems, supported 1-1 INVALID SRVR VERS 8-10 OUT OF BUFFERS 8-12 MAX PRINT OBJECTS 8-10 OVERFLOW ERROR 8-12...

  • Page 89

    UNEXPECTED PSERVER DATA software installation 2-1, 2-3, 2-4, 2- RCVD 8-18 5, 2-6, 2-7, 2-8, 2-9, 4-1–4-7 UNICAST PACKETS RCVD 8-18 HP Web JetAdmin 2-6 UNKNOWN NCP RETURN CODE Specifications 8-18 HP 170X A-1 UNSENDABLE PACKETS 8-18 SQE ERROR 8-14 User forums 1-6 Support services 1-6 Supported operating systems 1-1...

  • Page 92

    *J3258-90001* Copyright © 2002 Hewlett-Packard Company *J3258-90001* English J3258-90001...

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