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The FT-847 may easily be configured for 1200 or 9600 bps packet operation.
Refer to page 17, and connect your TNC (Termi-
Set the transceiver to the desired operating fre-
nal Node Controller) to the rear panel's PKT jack,
quency. You may find it more convenient to use
the MEM/VFO CH knob to set the frequency in
per the instructions on that page.
Set the FT-847 to the desired band, and press the
the FM mode, because of the channelized nature
[FM/AM] mode key, as necessary, to select the
of most packet systems. Be sure to disable any re-
"FM" operating mode. Note that there is no
peater shifts, if they have been manually activated
"Packet" mode activated via the front panel; the
by you.
Set the MIC (G
"Packet" mode is recognized when the micropro-
) control fully counter-clockwise.
Set the RF PWR control to the 12 o'clock position.
cessor detects PTT control commands sent via the
PKT jack.
Using the keyboard of the computer connected to
Select the desired baud rate for your packet operat-
your TNC, you may now issue the "Connect" com-
ing session. To do this:
mand, and begin operation. When you transmit via
l Press the [MENU] button to activate the Menu
the PKT jack, the "DATA" icon will appear on the
mode of operation.
l Rotate the SUB-TUNE knob to select Menu #23
Adjust the setting of the RF PWR control to the
minimum setting which will allow reliable com-
l Rotate the MEM/VFO CH knob to select either
munication with the packet network on which you
"1200" or "9600" bps.
are operating. Because of the high duty cycle which
l Press the [MENU] key to exit the Menu mode.
may be associated with active packet networks, we
recommend that the RF PWR control be set so that
If 9600 bps has been selected, the "9 6 0 0 " icon
the power output is between15 and 25 Watts (144/
will appear along the bottom edge of the LCD.
430 MHz) or between 35 and 50 Watts (50 MHz).
Note: For 2400 bps operation, you may have to
Note: The baud rate setting may be independently set
experiment with this Menu selection, as dif-
on each band and on each VFO. That is, you
ferent TNCs may work better with one set-
may set the baud rate on VFO-A's 430 MHz band
ting or the other.
to 9600 bps, while setting VFO-B's 430 MHz
band to 1200 bps. The baud rate setting will be
preserved if the frequency is stored into a
memory channel register.
FT-847 O

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