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Danby DPAC10030 Owner's Manual Page 23

Danby dehumidifier owner's manual dpac10030.
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DRY (Dehumidifier) Operating Instructions
IMPORTANT: The relative humidity setting selected
should always be set a few degrees lower than the
NOTE: The exhaust hoses do not have to be
room ambient relative humidity conditions, to ensure
installed during dehumidifier mode.
normal dehumidifying operation. NOTE: it is not
Both internal and external water tanks must
recommended to operate your Dehumidifier,
be installed during dehumidifer mode.
below temperatures of 15.5°C (60°F), this could
result in icing-up conditions of the evaporator coils,
1) Press the I/O (on/off) key pad to switch on
and minimize efficiency.
the unit.
4) Condensed water will be accumulated in the
2) Press the MODE key until the word DRY
external / internal water tanks. When the
(Dehumidifying) appears in the display window.
external tank is full, water will backflow into the
Each depression of the MODE key will advance
internal tank. When the internal tank is full, the
to a different mode setting (Cool-Dry-Fan).
unit will alarm (beep) for 20 deconds and the
Water Full indicator light will illuminate. At this
3) Press the appropriate
time dehumidification will stop immediately.
ADJ) key to select a (relative humidity) operating
However, the fan motor will continue to operate
setting between 35% ~ 90% RH (adjustable in
(this is normal). Carefully remove both water
increments of 5%)
tanks from the cabinet, dispose of the water.
Replace the water tanks back to their original
For continuous (non-stop) dehumidifer operation
positions and the Dehumidifying process will
press the
(TEMP / TIMER ADJ) key pad until
automatically resume. It may take 3-5 minutes
the symbol "- - " appears in the display window.
for the compressor to re-start. This is normal.
NOTE: The compressor will not cycle off during
5) This unit also has provisions for a continuous
"continuous" mode.
"drain" option (for basement applications having
The set relative humidity level will flash in the display
a floor drain). The required drain hose extension
window for approximately 5 seconds then
is not included with this unit. It can be purchased
automatically revert back to display actual room
through any local Hardware Store. Drain Hose
ambient relative humidity conditions. NOTE: The set
Specifications: Standard garden hose.
operating RH level must be programed within the 5
For continuous direct drain operation. Remove
second (flashing) condition. To view the "set" relative
(unscrew) the drain cap at the back of the cabinet
humidity program any time, press either of the
located directly above the external tank quick
connect. Attach suitable length (of garden hose)
to the direct drain fitting. (do not over tighten)
NOTE: There is no fan speed adjustment during
Position the open end of the drain hose as close
dehumidifying mode. (the fan speed is factory
as possible to the floor drain. Check the hose
set for "low")
connection for leaks.
The blue (RUN) indicator light illuminates indicating
NOTE: Direct drain operation is intended for
dehumidifying mode is operational (there may be a
floor drain applications only. Direct drain
slight delay of 10-30 seconds before the cycle
operation should not be used in stem pipe
begins, this is normal).
and/or sink applications.

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