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D-link DAP-1522 User Manual: Advanced Wireless; D-link Dap-15 User Manual

D-link dap-1522: user guide.

Section  - Configuration

Advanced Wireless

Transmit Power:
Sets the transmit power of the antennas.
Beacon Period:
Beacons are packets sent by an Access Point to
synchronize a wireless network. Specify a value.
100 is the default setting and is recommended.
DTIM Interval:
(Delivery Traffic Indication Message) 1 is the default
setting. A DTIM is a countdown informing clients
of the next window for listening to broadcast and
multicast messages.
RTS Threshold:
This value should remain at its default setting of
2346. If inconsistent data flow is a problem, only a
minor modification should be made.
The fragmentation threshold, which is specified
in bytes, determines whether packets will be
fragmented. Packets exceeding the 2346 byte
setting will be fragmented before transmission. 2346 is the default setting.
WMM Enable:
WMM is QoS for your wireless network. This will improve the quality of video and voice applications for your wireless
Short GI:
Check this box to reduce the guard interval time therefore increasing the data capacity. However, it is less reliable and may
create higher data loss.
IGMP Snooping:
This enables IGMP snooping for the wireless connection. We recommend enabling this if you often use multicast services
such as video conferencing and streaming audio/video.
D-Link DAP-15 User Manual

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