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Craftsman 247.370160 Owner's Manual Page 18

Craftsman electric walk behind lawnmower owner's manual.

Thefollowingstepsshouldbe takento prepareyourlawnmowerfor
Cleanand lubricatemowerthoroughlyas describedin the lubrica-
tion instructions.
Removeanybuildupof grass and leaveson or around themotor
cover(do notuse water).Wipethe mowercleanwith a dry cloth.
Wedo not recommend the use of a pressurewasheror garden
hoseto cleanyourunit.
Makecertain thepowersupplyis disconnected.
Coat mower'scuttingbladewith chassisgreaseto prevent
Storemowerin a dry, cleanarea.Do not storenext to corrosive
materials,suchas fertilizer.
Wipeextensioncordto removeanyforeignsubstancesuch as
oil or stains.Replaceextensioncordif cut or damagedin anyway.
Windcordin a seriesof equal loopson each sideof your handto

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