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Nostalgia Electrics MARGARITA OASIS MOS-400 User Manual

Nostalgia electrics blender - portable blender user manual.

All products are trademarks of Nostalgia Products Group, LLC.
Worldwide design & utility patented or patents pending.
© 2010 Nostalgia Products Group, LLC.
(rev. 05/18/10)

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    All products are trademarks of Nostalgia Products Group, LLC. Worldwide design & utility patented or patents pending. © 2010 Nostalgia Products Group, LLC. www.nostalgia (rev. 05/18/10)

  • Page 2

    ICE SHAVING BLENDER Instructions and Recipes...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents


  • Page 5: Important Precautions, Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS NEVER immerse the ICE SHAVING BLENDER base or cord in water. NEVER use near water. NEVER leave unit unattended if used near children. NEVER use a scouring pad on the ICE SHAVING BLENDER. NEVER use an abrasive sponge or harsh cleaning products on the ICE SHAVING BLENDER.

  • Page 6: Introduction

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the ICE SHAVING BLENDER from Nostalgia Electrics™! The ICE SHAVING BLENDER is a frozen drink machine that will make perfect frozen drinks such as margaritas, daiquiris or smoothies, every time! The ICE SHAVING BLENDER has a generous 36-ounce glass pitcher with liquid measurements on the side.

  • Page 7: Parts & Assembly

    PARTS & ASSEMBLY Ice Shaving Chamber Brake Bar Motor Base Ice Tray Ice Shaving Chamber Lid After Taking the Unit Out of the Box: Wipe down the ICE SHAVING BLENDER exterior with a clean, non- abrasive cloth or sponge. Thoroughly wash Pitcher, Pitcher Lid, Blending Blade and Base, Ice Tray, Ice Chamber Lid, and Water Reservoir in warm sudsy water and thoroughly dry.

  • Page 8: How To Operate

    is an important step in properly repositioning and closing the lid. Next, make sure the tab extrusion located at the front end of the Lid is positioned to fit into the groove located at the front inside top of the Ice Shaving Chamber.

  • Page 9: Helpful Tips, Cleaning & Maintenance

    HELPFUL TIPS Shaving Ice • For best results, let ice sit in a separate bowl or container for 5-10 minutes before putting in Ice Shaving Chamber. Ice should be slightly melted before shaving. • The Pitcher is able to hold more liquid than the fluid ounce measurements allow, but has been marked to prevent spillage resulting from ice shaving volume.

  • Page 10

    Changing the Blade Once blade becomes dull, it will need to be changed. You may also want to periodically take apart the Ice Shaving Chamber to clean all of the parts inside. Blade Housing Blade To take the Blade out, follow these steps: Press Brake Bar back and up toward the Ice Shaving Chamber.

  • Page 11: Recipes

    RECIPES Use your imagination to create many different drinks with your ICE SHAVING BLENDER. Here, you will find several recipes. You can adjust the ingredients to your particular taste, or create your own – so have fun! If you have a recipe for a drink made for one, your ICE SHAVING BLENDER has the capacity for 10 –...

  • Page 12

    STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI SLUSH WITH HONEYDEW MELON • 1 12-ounce Package of Frozen, Unsweetened Strawberries • 1¹ Cup Light Corn Syrup • ² Cup White Rum • 3 Tablespoons of Fresh Lime Juice • ½ Fresh Honeydew Melon, Seeded and Cut Into ½ Inch Cubes •...

  • Page 13: Returns & Warranty

    RETURNS & WARRANTY SHOULD YOUR UNIT NOT WORK OR IS DAMAGED WHEN YOU FIRST TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX PLEASE RETURN IT TO THE PLACE OF PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY. ICE SHAVING BLENDER / MOS SERIES Should you have any questions, please contact us via email or at the customer service number listed below between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time.

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