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Hasbro Furby 59294 Care Manual

Hasbro furby user guide.
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59294 Asst.
Thank you for purchasing FURBY!
For best results, keep
background noise low
- play with FURBY in a
quiet room.
Requires 4 x 1.5V "AA"
or LR6 size alkaline
batteries (not included).
Phillips/cross head
screwdriver (not included)
needed to insert batteries.

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  • Page 1

    CARE GUIDE Thank you for purchasing FURBY! AGES 6+ 59294 Asst. For best results, keep background noise low - play with FURBY in a quiet room. Requires 4 x 1.5V “AA” or LR6 size alkaline batteries (not included). Phillips/cross head screwdriver (not included) needed to insert batteries.

  • Page 2

    To Install Batteries Use a Phillips/cross head screwdriver to loosen screw in battery compartment cover (screw stays attached to cover) on the bottom. Insert 4 X 1.5V “AA” or LR6 size alkaline batteries (not included). Replace cover and tighten screw. CAUTION: TO AVOID BATTERY LEAKAGE 1.

  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Hey! I’m FURBY! The more you play with me, the more I do! I love to play and can tell you jokes, play a game, sing and even dance! Bring me home today and I’ll be your best friend! Be sure to take good care of me by following the instructions in this booklet! Getting Started To turn FURBY on, slide the ON/OFF switch to...

  • Page 4

    About My Personality I speak Furbish®, a magical language common to all FURBY creatures. When we first meet, this is what I’ll be speaking. To help you understand what I’m saying, please use the Furbish® - English dictionary found in the back of this book. I can learn how to speak English by listening to you talk.

  • Page 5

    To Play It’s time to play! Let’s go! “Tell me a joke.” I love to tell knock-knock jokes! Let’s do one together. “Hey FURBY! “Huh?” “What?” or “Hmm?”] Then say, “Knock Knock.” I say: “Ida” I say: “Ida like to be your friend!” I say: “Tell me a story.”...

  • Page 6

    I’ll sing you my favorite song, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in a mixture of Furbish® and English. Let’s sing it together, shall we? [tee-wee-lah] [dee] [dah-ay-loh] [doo] [kah] [way-nah] [oo-nye] [boh] [oo-tye] [kah] [lay-lah] [oo-tah] [tay] [ay-koo] [ay-loh-may-lah] [tee-wee-lah] [dee] [dah-ay-loh] [doo] [kah] [way-nah] [oo-nye] [boh] “Do you want to play?”...

  • Page 7

    “Are you hungry?” “Hey FURBY!” “Huh?” “What?” or “Hmm?”] Then say, If I’m hungry, please feed me. Since I can talk, you will have to listen to hear me say “yes” when you ask me “HEY FURBY, are you hungry?” or when I say “kah-ay-tay” (I’m hungry).

  • Page 8

    “Show me a dance.” “Hey FURBY!” “Huh?” “What?” or “Hmm?”] Then say, Watch me dance! I can really get down and boogie! “I love you!” “Hey FURBY!” “Huh?” “What?” or “Hmm?”] Then say, Tell me you love me to make me happy! “I speak Furbish.”...

  • Page 9

    NOTE: please put the ON/OFF switch to “OFF” in order to conserve battery life. If you want to put FURBY in storage, please remove the batteries. Physical Interactions Tickling If I ask to be tickled, tickle my tummy! But don’t tickle my tummy unless I ask or else I’ll be very upset! Petting I love to be pet on my back.

  • Page 10

    FURBY Voice Recognition Command Card Look at all the commands that FURBY can recognize! “HEY FURBY!” to allow FURBY to respond. FURBY will say “Yeah?” “Huh?” “What?” This means that FURBY heard you. Then give FURBY one of the following commands: Tell me a joke.

  • Page 11

    HELPFUL HINTS For the best performance, follow these guidelines: • Keep background noise low - for best results play with FURBY in a quiet room. • FURBY performs best when you sit between 12 and 18 inches away from it, facing it directly.

  • Page 12

    FURBY DICTIONARY Keep this handy dictionary nearby so that you can understand what FURBY is saying to you in FURBISH®! ENGLISH/FURBISH again ...koh-koh and ...koh another ...koh-koh ask ...oh-too-mah baby ...bay-bee bad be ...boh beautiful big...dah big no ...dah-boo big yes ...dah-ee-tah bye / go...bye-bye cloud ...ay-loh-may-lah...

  • Page 13

    live ...boh-dah log...tee-loh look ...ay-ay love ...may-may me ...kah me, mine, myself...kah money ...moo-lah monster...moh-moh more ...koh-koh mountain ...koo-dah negative, bad no no!...dah-boo noise ...bah-boo now ...nee-way oh ...oh ok ...oh-kay over ...oo-bah path ...bye-way pet...ah-may play ...loo-lay play, joke, humor...loo please...doo-moh...

  • Page 14

    FURBISH /ENGLISH ® ah ...touching, holding ah-mah ...have ah-may ah-tah...feed ay ...lightness ay-ay ...look ay-ay-lee-koo ...listen ay-koo...diamond ay-loh ...light ay-loh-may-lah ay-tay...hungry/eat ay-way ...dizzy bah-boo ...noise be boh-bay ...worried boh-dah boo...negative, bad boo-dah ...bad boo-koo ...rock boo-noo-loo ...sad bye-bye...bye / go...

  • Page 15

    loo, joke, humor loo-lay loo-loo ...joke may-lah ...hug may-may may-tah ...kiss mee-mee ...very moh-moh moo-lah nah-bah ...down nee-tye ...tickle noo-lah...friend noo-loo...happy oh ...oh oh-kay...ok oh-too-mah ...ask oo ...up, above, high oo-bah...over oo-boh...stand oo-loo ...full oo-nye oo-nye-doo?...where are you? oo-tah...high...

  • Page 16

    - Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. - Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Product and colors may vary. © 2005 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks. U.S. Pat. Nos. 6149490, 6514117 &...

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