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Electrolux WTCS140 Brochure

Electrolux compact rack type dishwashers product brochure.

Compact Rack Type Dishwashers

Summary of Contents

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    Compact Rack Type Dishwashers...

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    The compact solution Adaptable and sturdy the new range of compact rack type dishwashers from Electrolux offers the maximum in hygiene and is the most dependable perfect solution to the wash up zone. A range comprising of 4 models from 90, 140, 180 and 250 racks per hour washing capacity, available with...

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    Adaptability • Compact design for reduced spaces starting from 1125mm overall length • Can be split between pre-wash & drier zones • Maximum & minimum power function • 2 variable speeds (except WTCS90) Hygiene • Self-draining wash pumps •...

  • Page 4

    Adaptability Despite the compact dimensions, an optimum distance between wash and rinse arms eliminates splashing of soiled water on sanitized items. The dividing curtains ensure that no food debris is carried over between the wash tank and rinse zone.

  • Page 5

    The particular design of WTCS90 and WTCS140 with a centrally positioned wash tank enables the feeding direction to be changed on-site if necessary. Via the electronic control panel, all machines are designed so that they can be modified to operate with either a maximum or minimum power load.

  • Page 7

    As an option, a sanitization cycle can be added to sanitize all tanks in the dishwasher at 75°C for 5 minutes. The push button self-cleaning cycle of the pre-wash, wash & rinse zones takes the laborious strain away from cleaning.

  • Page 9

    The overall dishwasher structure is held together with a solid, 50x50mm, 3mm thick stainless steel tube sub-frame, to provide long term sturdiness. All main components are made in heavy duty anti-corrosive 304 AISI stainless steel: tanks, panels, wash &...

  • Page 10

    All versions are available either with or without energy saving device (except WTCS90) Model Type Length WTCS90 Wash & rinse 1125mm Model Type Length WTCS140 Wash & rinse 1125mm Model Type Length WTCS180 Pre-wash 1837mm Wash & rinse Model Type...

  • Page 11

    Air flow Temperature Transport motor ESD fan Total power (without drying unit) Total power (with drying unit) Hot water connection Cold water connection Noise Level (equivalent sound pressure level) WTCS90 WTCS140 baskets/hr baskets/hr 1125 1125 l/min l/min l/min l/hr 10,5...

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