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Avaya 9335-AV User's Manual

Avaya analog telephone user's guide.

Avaya Gemini CLI Analog Telephone 9335-AV

Summary of Contents

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    Avaya Gemini CLI Analog Telephone 9335-AV...

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    General Note: When power is switched on or batteries are inserted the display will be blank until the Handset is lifted or the Handsfree button is pressed.

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    Figure One RESET...

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    DC 9V...

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    INTRODUCTION ... 7 INTENDED USE ... 8 SAFETY... 9 TELEPHONE FEATURES ... 11 DISPLAY... 14 SETTING THE CLOCK... 15 MEMORY FUNCTION ... 16 ...16 IRECTORY Programming Directory memory ...16 Dialling a Directory memory...17 To delete a Directory memory...17 ...17 IRECT CCESS MEMORY Programming Direct Access memory buttons ...18...

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    Introduction This AVAYA 9335-AV caller display telephone is specially designed to work behind the AVAYA IP OFFICE system. The telephone is able to show caller display information provided that this option has been switched on by your installer. When a call is received at the telephone, it will display the number of the person calling you (there are some exceptions to this like withheld numbers).

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    Intended Use This apparatus is intended for use on the 2 wire analogue ports of the AVAYA IP OFFICE circuits in all countries except the USA. Because the product is connected behind a PABX it must not be relied upon to contact the emergency services during a power failure.

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    Read and understand all instructions. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the telephone. This telephone can be hazardous if immersed in water. If you suspect a natural gas leak, report it immediately, but use a telephone away from the area in question.

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    Remove the handset retainer by pushing up out of the slot. Turn the retainer through 180° and place back in its slot. Wall brackets can be obtained from your distributor or contact Avaya Analog support on +44 870 220 0402

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    (if programmed into the directory or the IP OFFICE). There are several prompts that also tell you what state the telephone is in at a particular moment in time (see detailed instructions on page 14). Use this button to delete a Directory memory.

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    LED to stop flashing and reset the NEW CALLS counter to 0. You can store up to 100 telephone numbers and names in your personal directory. Use this button to access a memory; a call can be made by...

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    When a Headset is plugged in to the Headset socket to allow the button to operate the Headset. A standard telephone keypad with the number “5” having a raised dot for visually impaired users. RESE T If the telephone appears not to function correctly pressing this button will reset the telephone.

  • Page 14

    Display REPEAT DATE CALL# Numeric Field Alpha-Numeric Field Please refer to the drawing above This is the received calls indicator. NEW denotes calls not previously reviewed. REPEAT - indicates multiple calls from the same caller; only the Date and Time from the most recent attempt will be displayed. CALL # - indicates received Caller List entry number.

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    This symbol will be displayed when the unit is functioning with batteries. 16 digit field for displaying the telephone number. 16 character alpha numeric display to show caller name or number of new calls and total calls received. Setting the clock Lift Handset, insert the 9V DC Adaptor (supplied) to the power socket or insert 3 AA Alkaline batteries.

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    Memory function There are four different memory stores on this telephone. All of the memory locations will accept 32 digits and 16 alpha characters. Directory You can store up to 100 telephone numbers and names in your personal directory. By accessing a memory, a call can be made by pressing the...

  • Page 17

    Dialling a Directory memory To dial a Directory memory; Press You can then scroll through the complete directory by using the▲ and ▼ buttons. Each memory will appear in alphabetical order. Alternatively, you can search for a particular letter by pressing , followed by the alpha key for which you want to search - press 6 once for “M”...

  • Page 18

    At the prompt dial the number to be stored. It is possible to store the Handsfree function as the first character. In this case when a memory button is pressed, the telephone will automatically seize the line and make the call, in Handsfree mode. Press the button - at ”ENTER NAME”...

  • Page 19

    Each call received, up to a maximum of 80 calls, can be stored in this memory. The information stored includes telephone number and name (if this information is stored in your personal or IP OFFICE directory) date and time of call, whether the call was answered or not.

  • Page 20

    To store a Call memory to Directory Memory Press the button Press the ▲ and▼ button to select desired number from the Caller list. Press and then press Follow the screen prompts - at “ENTER NUMBER” prompt key in the number to be stored. Press - at “ENTER NAME”...

  • Page 21

    The screen displays “CALL MEM CLEAR” after all call memories have been erased. Redial memory The redial buffer stores the phone number of the last five numbers that were called from the telephone, either from the keypad or from a Direct Access memory...

  • Page 22

    The last number called on the telephone will be displayed with the telephone number and the message REDIAL 1. Using the ▲ and ▼ buttons you can review the last five numbers called. To call any of the numbers, make sure that the entry required is on the screen and press the button.

  • Page 23

    220 0402. Alternatively you may call the distributor from whom the product was purchased. If you are directed to ship your telephone to the authorised service location, you must do this at your cost. material in the event you need to ship the unit. When sending your telephone include your name, address, and phone number, and description of the fault.

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