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Definitive Technology BP7000SC Supplementary Manual

Definitive technology bp7000sc: supplementary guide.
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audio video
audio video
Definitive Technology BP7000
SuperTower Loudspeakers
"The BP7000s proved to be a tour de force
... they are ultimate floor-standing speakers
... a true masterpiece of audio engineering"
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M M a a r r c c h h 2 2 0 0 0 0 7 7
I I n n t t r r o o d d u u c c t t i i o o n n
Definitive Technology has built one of the single most impressive
brands in the highly competitive world of loudspeakers. Definitive
has built a name where they are a "call brand" loudspeaker that
consumers demand with the likes of Bose, Boston Acoustics,
B&W, Paradigm, Klipsch and a handful of the other biggest
manufacturers. While Definitive Technology's ads and mighty
distribution certainly have aided the company's growth, it is more
the bang for the buck performance that keeps consumers asking
for them and dealers pushing. Whether you are looking for
wafer-thin speakers for your new 63-inch HDTV or you need
no-holds-barred audiophile floor-standing speakers, Definitive has
a solution for you. In the case of this review, the SuperTowers are
in the latter class — they are ultimate floor-standing speakers,
a statement without question in terms of sound as well as value.
The BP7000
s arrived at my house right on the heels of some
of audiophiles' most touted and coveted loudspeakers: Magnepan
3.6, Gallo Reference, Martin Logan and even Wilson Audio.
My room prior to the BP7000
SuperTowers' arrival was truly
a revolving door of noncommittal relationships as I searched for
Miss Right Now. Needless to say, the SuperTowers had their
work cut out for them.
"Compare the Definitive Technology
Definitive Technology's BP7000
loudspeakers with the best from
SuperTower Loudspeakers
the world of ultra-high end and you might
by 16 inches deep and a towering 52-and-a-half inches high.
find overall the Definitive speaker system
Visually, the BP7000
s are Definitive through and through,
with their black piano gloss base and top plates and black fabric
is the most well-rounded in a group that
sides. The BP7000
s are also quite heavy and, while I didn't
includes speakers costing as much as a
have a scale on hand to accurately measure the BP7000
true weight, I'd venture a guess and say they're upwards of 150
new Prius."
pounds apiece. All of these figures add up to one gargantuan
loudspeaker. However, their price of $4,998 a pair is rather
I unpacked the BP7000
s, which is without question a job
modest in comparison to the competition, which can fairly be
for two people (or better yet, two installers), and sat them
priced as much as four to five times the retail price.
haphazardly in the middle of my room for a once-over. The
Behind the seams, the BP7000
has a true bi-polar design,
s are truly epic in more ways than one. For starters,
with its high-mounted, dual six-and-a-half inch midrange drivers
they are quite large, measuring a little less than nine inches wide

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    “Compare the Definitive Technology BP7000 loudspeakers with the best from the world of ultra-high end and you might find overall the Definitive speaker system is the most well-rounded in a group that includes speakers costing as much as a new Prius.”...

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    Transparent Reference speaker cable. This configuration allowed me to set my processor’s speaker settings to Large and then dial in the sub’s overall volume at the speaker itself. This configuration also came in handy when I connect the BP7000 consisting of a Mark Levinson 433 amplifier and matching 326...

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    It really was kind of cool and a bit refreshing, for here I was basking in the glory of a speaker system that seemingly gets it for the cost you’d expect to pay in tax alone for the competition.

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    fingerprints like nobody’s business, but were harder to keep clean and dust- free than any speaker I’ve ever encountered. I had my Swiffer on permanent standby throughout the duration of the review.

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