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ZyXEL Communications P-660W-Tx v2 Quick Start Manual

Zyxel communications adsl router over pots/isdn quick start guide.

P-660W-Tx v2
ADSL Router over POTS/ISDN
Quick Start Guide
Version 3.40
Edition 1
IP Address
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    P-660W-Tx v2 ADSL Router over POTS/ISDN Quick Start Guide Version 3.40 03/2008 Edition 1 DEFAULT LOGIN IP Address Password 1234 Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.

  • Page 2

    3 Set Up a Wireless Network, page See the User’s Guide on the included CD for details on all of the P-660W-Tx v2’s features. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM, if a screen does not pop-up, use Windows Explorer (My Computer) to go to the CD-ROM (commonly drive D) and browse for the User’s Guide.

  • Page 3

    4 POWER: Use the included power adaptor to connect the POWER socket to an appropriate power source (see the User’s Guide for power adaptors specifications by region). 5 ON/OFF: Push the power switch to the ON position to turn on the P-660W-Tx v2. P-660W-Tx v2 Quick Start Guide POWER...

  • Page 4

    The DSL light blinks and then stays on when a DSL connection is detected. The ETHERNET light turns on if your computer is properly connected to the P-660W-Tx v2 using the Ethernet cable. When you connect the power, the POWER light blinks and stays on once the device is ready.

  • Page 5

    If Zero Configuration does not detect your Internet access settings, use the Connection Wizard to set up Internet Access. Access the P-660W-Tx v2’s web configurator so you can use the Wizard. (The web configurator is the P-660W-Tx v2’s software interface that lets you configure settings on the P-660W-Tx v2.)

  • Page 6

    Use the Connection Wizard to set up access to the Internet through your ISP. These are your WAN (wide area network) settings. Then use the Connection Wizard to set up the connection from your computer to the P-660W-Tx v2. These are your LAN (local area network) settings.

  • Page 7

    ISP. This is recommended. Otherwise, select None if accessing the Internet on a public IP address, or select Full Feature for advanced NAT features. See your User’s Guide for more details. 4 Click Next. P-660W-Tx v2 Quick Start Guide of this section, one of the following four screens appears RFC 1483 PPPoA of this section.

  • Page 8

    8 Click Finish to save your settings and go to step to check your settings as in step If you change the P-660W-Tx v2’s LAN IP address, you must use the new IP address if you want to access the web configurator again.

  • Page 9

    Return to Main Menu to go back to the main screen. If the P-660W-Tx v2 cannot connect to the Internet, check the Internet connection settings in the wizard. Make sure you entered the correct user name and password if you are using PPPoE or PPPoA.

  • Page 10

    3.2 Connect to the P-660W-Tx v2 Wirelessly From Your Computer You can now connect to your P-660W-Tx v2 via a wireless connection, and access the Internet. You need the ESSID and also the Pre-Shared Key if you set up security in the previous section.

  • Page 11

    4 If you connected successfully, a message similar to the following displays. If you cannot connect wirelessly to the P-660W-Tx v2, check that you are using the same ESSID and security key on both the P-660W-Tx v2 and your wireless client.

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