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Blaupunkt CD70 Operating Instructions Manual Page 6

Blaupunkt radio/cd operating instructions san francisco cd70.
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Thank you for deciding in favour of a Blau-
punkt product. We wish you a great deal of
The following Blaupunkt CD changers can be
pleasure with your new car radio.
connected to the radio: CDC A 06, CDC A
08, CDC A 072 and IDC A 09.
The CD changers CDC A 5 and CDC A 071
Before using your car radio, please read these
can also be connected if you use an adapter
instructions carefully and familiarise yourself
cable (Blaupunkt no.: 7 607 889 093).
with the unit. Keep these instructions in your
vehicle for later reference.
The scope of the guarantee complies with the
legal provisions applicable in the country in
Road safety has priority. Only operate
which the unit was bought.
your car radio if road and traffic conditions
Such legal provisions notwithstanding, Blau-
allow. Familiarise yourself with the unit
punkt grants a 12-month guarantee.
before setting off on your journey.
If you have any queries regarding the terms
of the guarantee, please consult your autho-
You should always be able to hear police,
rised Blaupunkt dealer. The purchase receipt
fire and ambulance sirens in good time.
applies in all cases as your guarantee slip.
For this reason, set the volume of your car
radio at a suitable level.
Should you have any questions about how to
If you would like to install your car radio your-
use the car radio or require any further infor-
self, please read the installation and connec-
mation, please call us!
tion instructions at the end of the manual.
The telephone information service numbers
are printed on the last page of this manual.
Please use only Blaupunkt-approved acces-
The most important functions can be select-
ed safely from the steering wheel using the
optional remote controls RC 08 or RC 10.
The RC 10 H remote control is included.
All Blaupunkt amplifiers are suitable for use
with the radio.

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