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Stihl FS 100 RX Instruction Manual: Fuel

Stihl electric string trimmer instruction manual.
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This engine is certified to operate on
unleaded gasoline and the STIHL two-
stroke engine oil at a mix ratio of 50:1.
Your engine requires a mixture of high-
quality gasoline and quality two-stroke
air cooled engine oil.
Use mid-grade unleaded gasoline with a
minimum octane rating of 89 (R+M/2). If
the octane rating of the mid-grade
gasoline in your area is lower, use
premium unleaded fuel.
Fuel with a lower octane rating may
increase engine temperatures. This, in
turn, increases the risk of piston seizure
and damage to the engine.
The chemical composition of the fuel is
also important. Some fuel additives not
only detrimentally affect elastomers
(carburetor diaphragms, oil seals, fuel
lines, etc.), but magnesium castings and
catalytic converters as well. This could
cause running problems or even
damage the engine. For this reason
STIHL recommends that you use only
nationally recognized high-quality
unleaded gasoline!
FS 100 RX
Use only STIHL two-stroke engine oil or
equivalent high-quality two-stroke
engine oils that are designed for use
only in air cooled two-cycle engines.
We recommend STIHL 50:1 two-stroke
engine oil since it is specially formulated
for use in STlHL engines.
Do not use BIA or TCW rated (two-
stroke water cooled) mix oils or other
mix oils that state they are for use in both
water cooled and air cooled engines
(e.g., outboard motors, snowmobiles,
chainsaws, mopeds, etc.).
Take care when handling gasoline.
Avoid direct contact with the skin and
avoid inhaling fuel vapor. When filling at
the pump, first remove the canister from
your vehicle and place the canister on
the ground before filling. Do not fill fuel
canisters that are sitting in or on a
The canister should be kept tightly
closed in order to avoid any moisture
getting into the mixture.
The machine's fuel tank and the canister
in which fuel mix is stored should be
cleaned as necessary.
English / USA
Fuel mix ages
Only mix sufficient fuel for a few days
work, not to exceed 3 months of storage.
Store in approved fuel-canisters only.
When mixing, pour oil into the canister
first, and then add gasoline. Close the
canister and shake it vigorously by hand
to ensure proper mixing of the oil with
the fuel.
Oil (STIHL 50:1 or
equivalent high-quality oils)
US gal.
US fl.oz
2 1/2
Dispose of empty mixing-oil canisters
only at authorized disposal locations.

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