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Stihl FS 36 Instruction Manual

Stihl trimmer instruction manual.
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Instruction Manual

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    STIHL FS 36 Instruction Manual...

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    0458 342 3021 A. M4. C0. PM. Printed in USA This manual contains warnings, operating and safety precautions for the STIHL FS 36 and FS 40 trimmers. Pay special attention to the safety precautions outlined on pages 4 to 11.

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    1 = Loop handle 2 = Stop slide 3 = Throttle trigger interlock 4 = Starter grip 5 = Spark plug boot 6 = Fuel filler cap 7 = Machine support 8 = Throttle cable 9 = Handle hose 10 = Throttle trigger 11 = Carburetor adjusting screws 12 = Fuel pump 13 = Air filter cover / Choke...

  • Page 4

    For easy control of machine during cutting work. Switches the engine’s ignition system off and stops the running engine. Must be depressed before the throttle trigger can be activated. The grip of the pull starter, which is the device to start the engine. Connects the spark plug to the ignition wire.

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    Most of these safety precautions and warnings apply to the use of all STIHL trimmers. Different models may have different parts and controls. See the appropriate section of your owner’s...

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    In order to reduce the risk of whitefinger disease and carpal tunnel syndrome, please note the following: Most STIHL power tools are available with an anti-vibration ("AV") system designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations created by the engine to the operator’s hands.

  • Page 7

    STIHL for use with the specific STIHL trimmer models are authorized. Although certain un- authorized attachments are useable for the STIHL trimmer, their use may, in fact, be extremely dangerous. Improper use of any trimmer can cause serious or fatal personal injury.

  • Page 8

    In order to reduce risk of fuel spillage and fire, tighten fuel cap by hand with as much force as possible. The screwdriver end of the STIHL combination wrench or other similar tool can be used as an aid for tightening slotted fuel caps.

  • Page 9

    To reduce the risk of injury from loss of control, be absolutely sure that the cutting tool is clear of you and all other obstructions and objects, including the ground, because when the engine starts at starting-throttle, engine speed will be fast enough for the clutch to engage and turn the cutting tool.

  • Page 10

    Always hold the trimmer firmly with both hands. Wrap your fingers tightly around the handles, keeping the handles cradled between your thumb and fore- finger. Keep your hands in this position, to have your trimmer under control at all times. Make sure your trimmer handles and grip are in good condition and free of moisture, pitch, oil or grease.

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    For directions on how to adjust idle speed, see the appropriate section of your owner’s manual. If you cannot set the correct idle speed, have your STIHL dealer check your trimmer and make proper adjustments and repairs Use only identical STIHL replacement parts for maintenance and repair.

  • Page 12

    To reduce the risk of fire and burn injury, use only spark plugs authorized by STIHL. Always press spark plug boot snugly onto spark plug terminal of the proper size. (Note: If terminal has detachable SAE adapter nut, it must be attached.) A loose connection between...

  • Page 13

    "mounting the cutting tools" in your owner’s manual. The STIHL Autocut and Polycut mowing heads produce a clean and tidy finish. They are to be used only on trimmers equipped with a limiter blade in the deflector in order to keep the line at the proper length (see "Parts and Controls"...

  • Page 14

    "softer" cut with less risk of damaging tree bark etc. than with the polymer blades. However, the polymer bladed STIHL "Polycut" produces a better cut if there are no plants along the edge of the lawn. Sharpening is not necessary and worn cutting blades are easily replaced.

  • Page 15

    50 mm (2") Fit the loop handle on the drive tube - 15 cm forward of the control handle Position the clamp against the drive tube and slide it into the loop handle. Fit square nut in the loop handle, insert the clamp screw from the other side and tighten down securely.

  • Page 16

    Insert locking pin in holes in deflector and thrust plate, turning the latter back and forth until the shaft blocks - Slide upper part onto shaft and fit hexagon socket over hexagon – Place cap on upper part - turn clockwise as far as possible on the shaft and tighten securely Screw cutting head as far as...

  • Page 17

    Insert locking nut in cutting head Screw cutting head as far as possible clockwise on the shaft - Block the shaft - Tighten the cutting head securely. Remove the locking pin! Hold the rotating cutting head parallel to the overgrown area - lightly tap the ground - the line is adjusted by approx.

  • Page 18

    This could cause running problems or even damage the engine. For this reason it is essential that you use only name branded fuels! Use only STIHL two-stroke engine oil or equivalent branded two-stroke air- cooled engine oils with the classification TC for mixing.

  • Page 19

    Before storing your machine for a long period, drain and clean the fuel tank and run engine until carburetor is dry. Stop switch with the positions: - normal - operating - position, idle position and - stop position Slide the switch in the direction of the arrow to stop.

  • Page 20

    Turn filter cover clockwise Turn filter cover counterclockwise This setting also applies if the engine has already been run, but is still cold. Press fuel pump bulb at least five times - bulb must be filled with fuel - Lay the unit safely on the ground: engine support and deflector for cutting tool on the ground - the cutting tool must not touch the...

  • Page 21

    Turn filter cover counterclockwise until mark points to N - then continue cranking until engine starts - continue cranking until engine starts - Press throttle interlock - Let engine run at full throttle for a few minutes to warm up - Release throttle interlock - Turn filter cover to engine idles -...

  • Page 22

    Press fuel pump bulb at least five times even if full of fuel. Restart the engine! Dirty air filters reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption and make starting more difficult. Turn filter cover to prevent dirt falling into the carburetor. Take out the screw pull off the filter cover without turning it.

  • Page 23

    Exhaust emissions are controlled by the design of the fundamental engine parameters and components (e.g. carburetion, ignition, timing and valve or port timing) without the addition of any major hardware. Your carburetor is preset at the factory. This is the optimum setting under the barometric pressure and climatic conditions at the factory and is suitable for most operating sites.

  • Page 24

    Fit a new spark plug after approx. 50 operating hours - or earlier if the electrodes are badly eroded. To reduce the risk of fire and burn injury, use only spark plugs authorized by STIHL (see “Specifications”).

  • Page 25

    Pull off the bearing housing Pull the flexible shaft out of the drive tube. Use STIHL multipurpose grease 0781 120 1109 to coat dry areas of the shaft - Push shaft into the drive tube - turn it back and forth until distance is less than 15 mm (0.6").

  • Page 26

    f the engine is low on power, check the spark arrester inside the muffler. Slacken off the screws don’t remove them. Pull the spark arrester out from behind the cover Clean the spark arrester if necessary. If spark arrester is damaged or coked up, fit a new one.

  • Page 27

    Visual inspection Replace Check tightness of cutting tool Visual inspection Lubricate Original STIHL parts can be identified by the STlHL part number, the T logo and the STIHL parts symbol The symbol may appear alone on small parts. 17-20...

  • Page 28

    (10.7 m/35 ft) 0000 930 2586 Replacement blades (set of 12) 4111 007 1001 Safety goggles Rust plate 4130 713 1501 STIHL Gear lubricant for hedge trimmers (80 g/3 oz tube) 0781 120 1109 (225g/8 oz tube) 0781 120 1110...

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    If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, please contact a STIHL customer service representative at 1-800-467- 8445 or you can write to STIHL Inc., 536 Viking Drive, P.O. Box 2015, Virginia Beach, VA 23450-2015. STIHL Incorporated warrants to the...

  • Page 30

    STIHL. If any emission related part on your engine is defective, the part will be replaced by STIHL Incorporated at no cost to the owner.

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    ! WARNING! ! WARNING! The engine exhaust from this product The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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