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Stihl TS 350 Owner's Manual

Sthl model ts 350 table saw owner's manual.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Main Parts of the TS 350 Cutquik Definitions Safety precautions The operator - The cut-off machine - The use of the cut-off machine - Maintenance, repair and storing of the cut-off machine Storing the Machine Mounting the Arbor Bearing and Guard...

  • Page 3

    Main Parts of the TS 350 Cutquik TS 350...

  • Page 4

    Can either be an abrasive wheel or a diamond abrasive wheel. Guards the wheel and deflects sparks. For adjusting the wheel guard in a way that the beam of sparks is directed away from the operator and the machine. Handle bar for the left hand at front of cut-off machine.

  • Page 5: Safety Precautions, The Operator

    Careless or improper use of any cut-off machine may cause serious or fatal injury. Have your STIHL dealer show you how to operate your cut-off machine. Observe all applicable local safety regulations, standards and ordinances. Minors should never be allowed to use a cut-off machine.

  • Page 6

    Most fabrics used in clothing are flammable - even flame retardant fabrics will ignite at higher temperatures. To reduce the risk of burn injury STIHL recommends wearing clothing made of leather, wool, flame-retardant treated cotton or a tightly woven, heavier cotton such as denim.

  • Page 7: Definitions, The Cut-off Machine

    2 and 3. Never modify a cut-off machine in any way. Only attachments supplied by STIHL or expressly approved by STIHL for use with the specific STIHL cut-off machine models are authorized. Although certain unauthorized attach- ments are useable with the STIHL powerhead, their use may, in fact be extremely dangerous.

  • Page 8

    They can cause severe personal injury from reactive forces, blade contact or thrown objects. Your STIHL dealer stocks a range of special abrasive wheels for the many applications of the cut-off machine. Use of the wrong abrasive wheel or...

  • Page 9

    Check V-belt tension after one hour of operation and correct if necessary. The STIHL TS 350 and TS 360 Cutquik is supplied with a fuel filler elbow connector to facilitate easier refueling.

  • Page 10

    In order to reduce risk of fuel spillage and fire, tighten fuel cap by hand with as much force as possible. The screw driver end of the STIHL combination wrench or other similar tool can be used as an aid in tightening slotted fuel caps.

  • Page 11

    Never use the cut-off machine with one hand. Your STIHL cut-off machine is designed for hand-held use or operation on a cut-off machine cart. Cutting with your cut-off machine resting on the ground or other surface can cause excessive wear to the bracket designed to protect the bottom of the tank housing.

  • Page 12

    Do not use a cut-off machine with incor- rect idle speed adjustment. The rotating wheel may cause injury. Have your STIHL dealer check your cut-off machine and make proper adjustments or repairs. Never touch a rotating wheel with your hand or any part of your body.

  • Page 13

    Severe personal injury or death can result. Use only cutting attachment authorized by STIHL. use chipped abrasive wheels, circular saw blades, carbide tipped blades, rescue blades or wood- abrasive or toothed blades of any nature on a cut-off machine.

  • Page 14

    Follow the maintenance and repair instructions in the appropriate section of your owner’s manual. Use only STIHL replacement parts for maintenance and repair. Use of parts manufactured by others may cause serious or fatal injury. Always stop the engine and make sure...

  • Page 15

    To reduce the risk of fire and burn injury, use only spark plugs authorized by STIHL. Always press spark plug boot snugly onto spark plug terminal of the proper size. (Note: If terminal has detachable SAE adapter nut, it must be attached.) A loose connection between...

  • Page 16: Mounting The Arbor Bearing And Guard

    (17 mm), i.e. this turns the belt pulley (2). Position bearing plate (3) so that the tapped holes line up with the slots in the arm. TS 350 Top: V-belt in position for inboard mounting Center: Tightening hex. head screw...

  • Page 17: Tensioning The V-belt

    ") with moderate thumb pressure. Overtensioning of the V-belt will accelerate wear. On a new machine, or if a new V-belt has been fitted, it is advisable to check V-belt tension after about 1 operating hour and correct it if necessary. TS 350...

  • Page 18: Abrasive Wheels, Limiting Adjustment On Abrasive Wheel Guard

    Cutting wheels for free-hand cutting operations are sub- jected to particularly high bending and compressive stres- ses. STIHL has therefore developed - together with lead- ing abrasive wheel manufacturers - top quality cutting blades which exactly match the engine characteristics of the cut-off-saw.

  • Page 19: Mounting The Abrasive Wheel

    Important! Two composite wheels must never be used simultaneously, for they may break and cause injuries as they wear down unevenly. Top: Blocking the arbor Center: Removing hex. head screw Bottom: Rear thrust washer correctly positioned TS 350...

  • Page 20: Fuel Mix, Fueling

    This could cause running problems or even damage the engine. For this reason it is essential that you use only name branded fuels! Use only STIHL two-stroke engine oil or equivalent branded two-stroke air- cooled engine oils with the classification TC for mixing.

  • Page 21: Starting

    7. The engine is stopped by moving the stop switch (2) to the "STOP" position. Top: Choke lever in "CHOKE" position (cold start) Center: Stop switch away from "Stop" Bottom: Starting-throttle position TS 350...

  • Page 22

    TS 350 Top: Starting Center: Throttle trigger in idle position...

  • Page 23

    100 operating hours - or earlier if the electrodes are badly eroded. To reduce the risk of fire and burn injury, use only spark plugs authorized by STIHL (see “Specifications”). Always press spark plug boot snugly onto spark plug terminal of the proper size.

  • Page 24: Air Filter

    If necessary, also remove the auxiliary filter (6), knock it out on the palm of your hand and wash it in a non-flammable cleaning solution (warm soapy water). TS 350 Top: Removing air filter Bottom: Component parts in correct sequence...

  • Page 25

    Exhaust emissions are controlled by the design of the fundamental engine parameters and components (e.g. carburation, ignition, timing and valve or port timing) without the addition of any major hardware. The carburetor is set at the factory to guarantee an optimum fuel-air mixture under all operating conditions.

  • Page 26: Rewind Starter

    (6). Pull the rope through the rotor and secure it with a simple overhand knot. Slide rotor onto the starter post and turn it back and forth until the rewind spring's anchor loop (7) engages. TS 350 Top: Possible special knots Bottom: Component parts of the starter assembly...

  • Page 27

    A rewind spring that is tensioned too heavily will probably break. Re-install the fan shroud with the three retaining screws securely tightened. TS 350...

  • Page 28: Changing The V-belt

    V-belt before finally tightening the mounting screws. Refit the arbor bearing and abrasive wheel guard - refer to "Assembling the Arbor Bearing and Guard" and "Tensioning the V-belt". TS 350 Top: Mounting screws on cast arm Center: Removing cast arm...

  • Page 29: Spark Arresting Screen In The Muffler

    Cart 4201 710 1403 and Cutting Depth Limiter 42010071041 (special accessory) The TS 350 can be mounted on a cart which greatly simplifies handling of the machine and enables smooth, straight cuts to be obtained for road repairs and applying road markings as well as when abrasive joints and edges.

  • Page 30

    Retighten Have replaced by the STIHL customer service Check Replace Check Replace Original STIHL parts can be identified by the STlHL part number, the T logo and the STIHL parts symbol The symbol may appear alone on small parts.

  • Page 31

    (without abrasive wheel) with dia. 300 mm: 9.55 kg (21 lb) with dia. 350 mm: 9.95 kg (22 lb) Set of tools STIHL Cutquik cart Attachment (TS 350) for Cutquik cart Cutting depth limiter Water attachment for wet cutting Water container...

  • Page 32

    You are responsible for presenting your small off-road equipment engine to a STIHL service center as soon as a problem exists. The warranty repairs will be completed in a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 30 days.

  • Page 33: Specifications

    STIHL. If any emission related part on your engine is defective, the part will be replaced by STIHL Incorporated at no cost to the owner.

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