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Porter-Cable 725 Instruction Manual

Porter-cable two-speed porta-band band saw instruction manual 725.
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Band Saw
Please make certain that the person who
To learn more about Porter-Cable
is to use this equipment carefully reads and
visit our website at:
understands these instructions before
starting operations.
The Model and Serial No. plate is located on the main
housing of the tool. Record these numbers in the
spaces below and retain for future reference.
Model No. ______________________________________
Type ___________________________________________
Serial No. _______________________________________
Part No. 902451 - 04-29-02
Copyright © 2002 Porter-Cable Corporation

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  • Page 1

    Instruction manual To learn more about Porter-Cable visit our website at: Copyright © 2002 Porter-Cable Corporation ESPAÑOL: PÁGINA 13 FRANÇAISE : PAGE 27 Two-Speed PORTA-BAND Band Saw MODEL 725 IMPORTANT Please make certain that the person who is to use this equipment carefully reads and understands these instructions before starting operations.

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions, Grounding Instructions, Extension Cords

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This tool should be grounded while in use to protect the operator from electric shock. The tool is equipped with an approved three-conductor cord and three-prong grounding type plug to fit the proper grounding type receptacle. The green (or green and yellow) conductor in the cord is the grounding wire.

  • Page 3: General Safety Rules, Work Area, Electrical Safety, Personal Safety

    WARNING: SOME DUST CREATED BY POWER SANDING, SAWING, GRINDING, DRILLING, AND OTHER CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES contains chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these chemicals are: • lead from lead-based paints, • crystalline silica from bricks and cement and other masonry products, •...

  • Page 4

    2. Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Contain long hair. Keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewelry, or long hair can be caught in moving parts. 3. Avoid accidental starting. Be sure switch is OFF before plugging in. Carrying tools with your finger on the switch or plugging in tools that have the switch ON invites accidents.

  • Page 5: Specific Safety Rules And Symbols

    INTO CONTACT WITH THE BLADE. WARNING: There are certain applications for which this tool was designed. Porter-Cable strongly recommends that this tool NOT be modified and/or used for any application other than for which it was designed. If you have any questions relative to its application DO NOT use the tool until you have written Porter-Cable and we have advised you.

  • Page 6: Replacement Parts, Functional Description

    When servicing, use only identical replacement parts. MOTOR Many Porter-Cable tools will operate on either D.C., or single phase 25 to 60 cycle A.C. current and voltage within plus or minus 5 percent of that shown on the specification plate on the tool. Several models, however, are designed for A.C.

  • Page 7: Selecting The Blade

    Squeeze trigger switch (A), Fig. 1, to start motor. Release trigger to stop motor. TWO SPEED SWITCH The Two-Speed Band Saw is equipped with a speed changing switch (B) Fig. 2. For LOW-SPEED cutting, slide the switch bar toward “LO”. For HlGH-SPEED cutting, slide the switch bar toward “HI”.

  • Page 8

    NEVER USE LIQUID COOLANT WITH YOUR BAND SAW. Damage to the blade guide bearings or rubber tires on the pulleys may result. Porter-Cable’s “Lube Wax” is available as an accessory and is recommended when cutting aluminum, brass and thick materials. Cast iron should be cut dry.

  • Page 9

    Set Two-Speed switch to desired position. Speed CAN be changed while machine is running. Hold the saw as shown in Fig. 5, with the work stop (A) contacting the work and blade teeth clear of the work. Turn saw “ON” and lower onto work. Allow weight of saw to control cutting pressure.

  • Page 10

    LUBRICATION Although all PORTER-CABLE tools have been thoroughly lubricated with a sufficient amount of high grade lubricant at the time of manufacture, it is recommended that the oil level in the gear chamber be checked before using your saw and periodically thereafter as follows: WARNING: Remove band saw blade to prevent accidental contact.

  • Page 11

    In any communications, please give all information shown on the nameplate of your tool (model number, type, serial number, etc.). A complete line of accessories is available from your Porter-Cable • Delta Supplier, Porter-Cable • Delta Factory Service Centers, and Porter-Cable Authorized Service Stations.

  • Page 12

    PORTER-CABLE LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY Porter-Cable warrants its Professional Power Tools for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. We will repair or replace at our option, any part or parts of the product and accessories covered under this warranty which, after examination, proves to be defective in workmanship or material during the warranty period.

  • Page 13

    Porter-Cable • Delta products should be obtained by contacting any Porter-Cable • Delta Distributor, Authorized Service Center, or Porter-Cable • Delta Factory Service Center. If you do not have access to any of these, call 888-848-5175 and you will be directed to the nearest Porter-Cable •...

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