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Oregon Scientific DJ68 Instruction Manual

Oregon scientific learning laptop instruction manual.
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Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
is supplied
Chapter 1
Chapter 1
with the following parts (please contact your retailer
should any parts be missing):
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
About the
Dear Parent/Guardian,
1 - Unit
2 - Instruction manual
8 learning activities that include:
Thank you for choosing
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
• Alphabet, vocabulary,
shapes, colors,
Designed with fun in mind,
Lock button
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
numbers, counting,
Instruction manual
memory, logic, spelling
is packed with stimulating learning games
and music
and activities that will make an invaluable
contribution to your childʼs development.
The activities aim to further your childʼs
• Digital sound and animation
skills in language, numbers, counting, shapes,
colors, music, memory and logical reasoning.
• LCD screen
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
• Automatic shut-down
Game icons
provides a dependable and realistic
introduction to computers and
Number and
• Individual A-Z keyboard
shape keys
encourages creativity and independent learning.
For Ages 3 & Up
• Number and shape keys
Learning with Barbie
is so much fun!
• The voice of Barbie
Animation button
Alphabet keyboard
BARBIE and associated trademarks and trade dress
Repeat button
are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel, Inc.
On/Off button
Answer button
© 2008 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Music on/off button
Product does not have INTERNET or data storage capabilities.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2
• Do not mix different types of batteries or mix new
Carrying handle
and old batteries together.
If there is no input on the unit after three minutes, the
Getting Started
• Use only batteries of the same or equivalent type
unit says "Best friends today, tomorrow and always"
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
as recommended.
and automatically turns itself off to conserve power.
operates on 2
• Remove all batteries when replacing.
"AA" size batteries.
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
Starting the
• Remove batteries from the unit if the unit is not
Battery cover
Battery Installation
going to be used for long periods.
Open the unit by pushing in the lock button (located
• Do not dispose of batteries in fi re.
on the front of the unit).
1. Make sure the unit is turned off.
• Non-rechargeable batteries should not be recharged.
Diamond Castle Learning Laptop
Turn on the
2. Open the battery cover at the back of the unit using
• Rechargeable batteries should be removed from the
using the
button located
a straight blade screwdriver or coin.
toy before being charged.
on the bottom right of the
3. Insert 2 "AA" batteries.
• Rechargeable batteries should only be charged
keyboard. At the end of a
(Note the correct polarity: +, - ).
under adult supervision.
session, remember to turn
4. Replace the cover.
• Exhausted batteries should be removed from the toy.
off the power by pressing the
• Do not short circuit the supply terminals.
same button.
Press the On/Off button
Cleaning and Maintenance
The unit should be regularly examined for damage to
Battery requirement
the enclosure and other parts. In the event of such
damage, the unit must not be used until the damage
has been repaired. Always disconnect the power
supply before cleaning.
• Wipe the unit with a dry cloth.
• Do not get the unit wet.
• Do not dismantle the unit.
DJ68 US manual OSI.indd 1
DJ68 US manual OSI.indd 1
2008.4.10 11:00:06 AM
2008.4.10 11:00:06 AM

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